Romantic Times Book Lover’s Convention

Hey, Gang!

Sorry no recent updates! Been busy getting ready for the upcoming Romantic Times Book Lover's Convention! Even though I'm very much looking forward to the event, I don't think the excitement of it has hit me just yet. I'm running around like a crazy woman getting all my promotional materials and give-aways made and ready for the event. More on that in just a moment.

So what the heck is this event? And what's to be excited about? Since this is my first time going…yes, I AM a virgin at some things still…I don't have a lot of information to pass on from a first-hand experience. I'll let the web site speak for itself: Romantic Times Book Lover's Convention. However, one of my writing buddies (Genella de Grey) will be rooming with me for the convention (thank the GODS!) and will be there to hand-hold me through the event. I'm so proud of her! She has her first novel to be published set to be released on April 21st (YAY!) and will be at the eBook signing table at the convention on April 22nd! Talk about making it under the wire! If you're going to be there, be sure to drop by her table and say hello!!! I encourage you to visit her web site to see an excerpt of her novel. WONDERFUL read!!

How You Can Participate

Though I will be promoting myself as an author at the event, I don't have a published book yet to market. However, I am taking the opportunity to promote my artistic talents and will have Enchanted Woodz featured on Promotional Lane! If you're going to the convention, be sure to visit our table and drop your business card OR fill out an entry form to enter to win one of the three wooden gift items we'll be giving away! Idon't have the pictures just yet. When I do, I will post them here so you can see what you can win.

Not able to attend the convention? NO PRAAAHHHHBLEM!!! Visit my author web site to join my mailing list and you'll be entered in a separate drawing I'm having in May for the same items! Don't miss out on these original artistic gift items. We'll be giving away three prizes, all hand painted:

  • 1st Prize – A velvet-lined jewelry box that looks like a book. This keepsake box is decorated with wood-burned images of a heart, floral designs and graced with the word “romance”. All designs are surrounded by a Celtic knot frame.
  • 2nd Prize – A brush and mirror set. Both items are made from wood and have Celtic knot designs burned on the backs. The mirror was carved by my better-half, The Tailor! 😉
  • 3rd Prize – A 2-sided inspirational plaque. This plaque is framed with Celtic knot designs and has a quote on each side of the plaque. Hang it over your desk or on a door and flip the plaque as the quote suits your mood for the day!

Check back by Friday (4/17) to see pictures of the prizes!!!! Fear not! For those of you who attend the event and enter the drawing, if you DO NOT win, you will have a 2nd chance at the May drawing!

The Convention

In short, as I understand it and to give you a quick summary, the title almost speaks for itself. It's a convention supporting the people who love to read romance novels of all sub-genre and subject. AND like most conventions, it's FILLED with workshops and loaded with information. The workshops are geared more toward the writers of romance, but those readers who aspire to write will glean a lot of useful tidbits about how to pursue their dreams as a romance novelist. Also, we'll get to meet many of our favorite authors and mingle with agents, publishers, booksellers, and anyone else associated with the romance industry…INCLUDING THE COVER MODELS!! Yes, ladies, you can go there and visit the gorgeous hunks that grace the covers of our favorite reads! They'll be smoozing all the women there, too, because they need our votes to be dubbed Mr. Romance 2009, so watch out gals!

Social Events

Holy moly they have a lot of these, so this event is not just about the workshops. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! From what I understand, people deck out for these events, too! For the Faery Ball (*Arial squeels with delight*) I'll attempt to wear my Renaissance Faire costume – corset and all – with faery wings and green flowers in my hair. We'll see how my ribs hold up! For Deidre Knight's Gods of Midnight party, I have a black rose for my hair and one of my vampire t-shirts I made for MIDNIGHT CONQUEST. Even though her Immortal Spartan Warriors are not vampires, it's still an immortal thing! 😉 Heather Graham and Helen Rosburg will be hosting a Vampire Ball…since I'm such a vampire romance fan, I'm sure to be there for that with another vampire t-shirt of mine! MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING!!! 😉 Looks like they're having a Pajama Party, too, and I'm warned to bring an extra empty bag to hold all the FREE books I'll be getting! These only highlight what's happening at the convention. Please visit their web site for more information.

Wrapping It Up!

Well, I need to get moving on getting ready and packing for the trip. Love to you all and I look forward to seeing some of you at the event! Let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to drop me a line to let me know if you'll be there at the event!

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

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