5-Star Reviews for Psychic Whispers

5-Star Reviews for Psychic Whispers

AJ Nuest and I are super excited about our new release, Psychic Whispers, the first book in a new series – The Woodward Hill Mystery Romances.

To put a big fat cherry on top of the sundae, the reviews from our ARC Team are rolling in and they are all five stars! Woot!!! You can read our reviews at…

Here are some highlights…

“I forgot how much I love a good mystery and when you add in a touch or paranormal? I’m in!” CLICK HERE to read J Merrick's review at BookBub.

“Wow! This is the first book in a new series which contains everything I like in a book…interesting plot with complex characters, some mystery with a touch of paranormal and a HEA (Happily Ever After).” CLICK HERE to read Cheryl Pompilii's review on BookBub

“Psychic Whispers is the first book in the Woodward Hill series and I LOVED IT! This was just the right book at the right time and I fell in love with the characters of this small, gossipy, quirky town.” CLICK HERE to read Archaeolibrarian's review on GoodReads

And one of our favorite reviewers, Dii Bylo of Tome Tender Reviews, posted her review today. I've always loved her reviews because you get caught up in the excitement of her experience about the story, but she doesn't give away any spoilers. Her reviews get readers excited about a new release…

“What happens when two of your favorite authors put their heads and creative hearts together? You get one amazing read filled with crisp, razor-taut writing that seems to make steam rise off the pages!” CLICK HERE to read Dii's review on her blog.

A special thank you to all our ARC readers. You guys ROCK!!! And thank you for your patience. Our print version is finally available for purchase.

That's my two pence…

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