Psychic Spirits Now Available!

Psychic Spirits Now Available!

SWEET!! Book 2 of the Woodward Hilly Mystery Romance series out now!! Go grab you a copy!!


What do you do if the people you're trying to help end up dead?

Woodward Hill has always been abuzz about the mysterious founding family, so Rose Woodward is no stranger to gossip and curious eyes. However, her peaceful life in the New Age district is shattered when her clients turn up dead after her henna healing sessions, and she becomes the prime suspect in a serial murder case.

Thane Richmond is new to the central California lakeside community, and his plans for quietly settling down come to a screeching halt. The evidence for these ritualistic serial murders points toward a curvy psychic, who doesn’t fit the profile. This homicide detective is determined to clear her of suspicion to make room for her in his bed.

Yet as Thane gets closer to uncovering the truth, Rose must use her gifts to help Thane find the killer before both of them are marked for death.


The Gothic mansion of the Woodward family casts a mysterious shadow over the quaint resort town of Woodward Hill. Amidst the storybook homes dotting the California mountainside surrounding the lake, whispers of the founding family’s sordid history color the atmosphere with danger…and create the perfect setting for intrigue, romance and suspense.

The Woodward Hill Mystery Romance series—paranormal romance meets small-town mysteries, so expect some hot steam between the sheets with intriguing mysteries to be unraveled.

2 thoughts on “Psychic Spirits Now Available!

  1. I just read The Psychic Whispers and The Psychic Spirits. Are there going to be more to this series? I’m sure a lot of us would like the answer to that.

    I apologize if you have already answered the question. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Charlotte!
      Yes, we are going to have more books in the series. Unfortunately, my writing partner AJ is dealing with personal priorities right now and it’s necessary for her to take a break from writing. However, once she is able to get back to the keyboard, we’ll be publishing more in the series. We apologize for the wait and thank you profusely for your patience!

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