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Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #2

Two weeks and counting on the Ray Bradbury Challenge. This week’s writing prompt was inspired by this pre-made book cover.

Ray Bradbury Challenge #1 – Take 2!

Ray Bradbury Challenge: In this week’s short story, a woman needs to make a difficult decision for the ones she loves.

Arial’s Author Toolbox – Updated

This post will give you some excellent resources to learn how to incorporate marketing into your writing routine AND help ensure your books are positioned for success.

UPDATES: Book 6 is in Editing

Sorry for the long wait, my faithful readers!! Book 6 was not only extremely difficult to write, but I have a higher priority going on in my life at the moment – taking care of family. Book 6 was a BEAR to Write Not only was I writing the EPIC conclusion to the Bonded By […]

Fiction Friday – Royal Trouble

Well, I got tired of waiting around for someone to create an inspiring writing prompt challenge, so I decided to do it myself! Not to say there aren’t good writing prompt challenges out there, but I haven’t been able to find any that jive with my brain. Paving the way for example, I’ll participate in […]