Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #6

Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #6

This is week 6 (6/52) of the Ray Bradbury Challenge and I went with a fantasy idea. I saw this prompt on Shauna Philp's Wednesday Writing Prompts

#21. “Oh it’s a dungeon?”
“What did you think it was? What other places would be dark and wet?”

I'm already late posting this and we still have plenty to do to get ready for the holiday weekend, so forgive me for the poor editing and it's longer than I usually post.

UPDATE: (7/9/2020) – I've just posted my Week #7 RBC and I mentioned that I would like to see this story – A Twist of Fate – continue and possibly intersect the story I started titled The Fox & The Mirror. So I've renamed the story below to be the first episode in the storyline for The Stone of Fate.

Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 1,419

A Twist of Fate

Episode 1 of The Stone of Fate – SOON TO BE PUBLISHED ON KINDLE VELLA

UPDATE (4/23/2021): Kindle Vella is a brand new platform that is now open for authors to publish serial content. Even though the first three episodes will be FREE on Vella, Amazon's terms of service won't allow me to publish those three episodes, nor any of the other episodes, on my website for free. This means, I have to take them down. 🙁

HOWEVER, you'll be able to read this serial on Vella for pennies very soon! CLICK HERE to read the article by Publisher's Weekly, which talks about this new serial fiction platform. When it will be available to readers is unknown as of this post update, but if you own a Kindle or the free Kindle app, you'll probably find out about it. I'll try to post updates as I learn them.

Thank you for understanding and for showing an interest in my writing!

Featured Artwork

The amazing male elf in the featured image this week is titled Vanimore created by a very talented artist on DeviantArt named Kaprris. PLEASE visit their page and give them some lovin'!!

Ooooo, this was a lot of fun to write and I imagine it fitting well in the world my husband and I created for a fantasy series I'll be writing in the future – Legends of Evanterra.

If you enjoyed it, please use the buttons below to share on social media. And if you're an author also doing the Ray Bradbury Challenge, please leave a link to YOUR weekly short story in the comments. I'd love to read it. Until next week!

That's my two pence…

2 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #6

  1. Very interesting. I’m wondering how he got the map and found the elf and got all his information. That’s what makes me want to read more. Unanswered questions.

  2. Mwuahahaha! Yes, that’s the whole mystery and I know I’m going to turn this into a full novel once I start writing my Evanterra fantasy series. I’m still doing a lot of the world building at this point, so no stories just yet.

    Thanks so much for reading these every week, Deborah, and taking the time to comment.

    Arial 😀

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