Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #7

Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #7

I'm going to up the ante on these weekly short stories. The last couple of weeks, they've been reading more like scenes from full novels, so I've decided to challenge myself and use the weekly writing prompt to compose my first web serial.

And I'm thinking of somehow tying in last week's challenge with this storyline I'm starting today. But we'll see. I'm totally winging this and making these up as I go along, so I can't guarantee the quality, but I will do my best to keep you coming back each week for more.

UPDATE: I've given this storyline a working title – Cleris in Evanterra. Not sure that title will stick, but I don't know what this story is about yet, so we'll be flexible and I'll probably re-title it later. But I thought the web serial title would help us keep track of the two storylines I plan on pursuing – this and The Stone of Fate from last week's short story A Twist of Fate.

Here's the writing prompt for this week taken from Shauna Philp's Wednesday Writing Prompts, #17

“The fox swished its tail in front of me, begging me to follow.”

Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 1,124

The Fox & The Mirror

Episode 1 of Cleris in Evanterra – SOON TO BE PUBLISHED IN KINDLE VELLA

UPDATE (4/23/2021): Kindle Vella is a brand new platform that is now open for authors to publish serial content. Even though the first three episodes will be FREE on Vella, Amazon's terms of service won't allow me to publish those three episodes, nor any of the other episodes, on my website for free. This means, I have to take them down. 🙁

HOWEVER, you'll be able to read this serial on Vella for pennies very soon! CLICK HERE to read the article by Publisher's Weekly, which talks about this new serial fiction platform. When it will be available to readers is unknown as of this post update, but if you own a Kindle or the free Kindle app, you'll probably find out about it. I'll try to post updates as I learn them.

Thank you for understanding and for showing an interest in my writing!

I have no clue what's going to happen next, what Melchor did to piss Cleris off so much, or who sent the assassin! Not to mention what this looming problem is where they're rushing off to.

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Until next week, that's my two pence…

6 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #7

  1. Sounds interesting. Kind of like Alice In Wonderland. If I understand correctly your next challenge will be a continuation of this one. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    1. Yes, ma’am!! You and a few others have mentioned a couple of times on my blog that you’d like to see what happens next, so I thought I’d try that out and see if I can write a serial. Who knows! It might take off and I can compile the entries into a new novel.

      As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. A challenge worth following indeed. The intrigue with a touch of humor certainly draws you. As the others have said, I definitely would like to see a continuation. Kat

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