Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #8

Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #8

Sweet! This is turning out so much more fun than I had ever imagined. I really thought I'd be struggling every week and in agony over not having anything to post. But these stories are bursting.

Last week's Ray Bradbury Challenge was the first episode in a series of posts I'll be following through the fantasy world I've created named Evanterra. I'm still pulling from Shauna Philp's Wednesday Writing Prompts, and this one is the first on THIS PAGE:

ā€œIā€™m not the person you thought I was.ā€

The Blood Lord of Mastonia

Episode 2 of Cleris in Evanterra – SOON TO BE PUBLISHED IN KINDLE VELLA

UPDATE (4/23/2021): Kindle Vella is a brand new platform that is now open for authors to publish serial content. Even though the first three episodes will be FREE on Vella, Amazon's terms of service won't allow me to publish those three episodes, nor any of the other episodes, on my website for free. This means, I have to take them down. šŸ™

HOWEVER, you'll be able to read this serial on Vella for pennies very soon! CLICK HERE to read the article by Publisher's Weekly, which talks about this new serial fiction platform. When it will be available to readers is unknown as of this post update, but if you own a Kindle or the free Kindle app, you'll probably find out about it. I'll try to post updates as I learn them.

All following episodes have been removed from public viewing on this site. Keep your eyes open for Vella!

Thank you for understanding and for showing an interest in my writing!

Woo hoo! I had no idea the story was going to take that turn. I'm really interested in seeing where these characters lead us. I hope you enjoyed this week's episode. I'll be posting a new episode every Thursday, so subscribe to my VIP Club to be notified of each installment (if you're not a member of the VIP Club already).

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Until next week, that's my two pence…

2 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury Challenge – Week #8

  1. Wow. Didn’t see ANY of that coming. Can’t wait for #9. You do realise I actually wait tapping my toes for these shorts? It can make my week long.

    1. LOL! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!! Sorry about making your week long, though. These stories are a great way for me to let out a little steam with all the pressure building up over wanting to write in this world, but not yet having the time nor the world building finished. This scratches that itch as well as helps me build this world at the same time.

      I do have three other books I’m writing now, so I’ve got to get back to writing cave! Until next week, Deborah! I will be anxious to hear from you each week!

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