Moving On!

Ok, folks! I've had it!

I love my story MIDNIGHT CONQUEST, but since I've been working on this story for 17 years, I think I'm ready to puke on it! I understand the editing process and what one needs to do to get a book to publication. I've had several technical manuals, marketing materials and web sites published to know that true enough AND I've seen friends go through the process. However, in my recent experience with returning my revisions to The Wild Rose Press, I've discovered that I have a blind eye to the mistakes I am making. I wrote “passion” or some form of that word at least 10 times in two pages! I did this even though I re-read the pages AT LEAST five times. I'm usually pretty good about something repetative like that, but it's clear I'm not seeing things like that on this project. I think there are two reasons why…

  1. I'm too close to the material
  2. I lack the skills to write professionally…I have this addiction for adverbs and adjectives!

As a result, I'm going to have an English Teacher friend of mine clean the novel up for me and get rid of some of those addictive words and then I'm going to self-publish it just to get it off my plate. Comparatively speaking, the book, as is, is better than some of the crap I've seen published out there, so even though it's not perfect, worse has been on the shelves AND those authors have several books under their belts, even if some of them aren't famous. I know no published work is perfect and can be improved upon…which makes me feel better about publishing this one myself.

I need to move on! I don't want this project holding me back or dragging me down. I don't want to put it in a drawer and revisit it later. The thought of doing that makes me ill. I just want it done and over with. WHEN I become a famous author, perhaps I'll release a 2nd edition of the book if I feel it's xanax online generic warranted, so to put the best out there at a later date will still be possible. I want this done! I will also enroll in some community college courses for English and creative writing to see if I can fix my penchant for adverbs and adjectives.

Meanwhile, I should be on to another project. I believe I'll be working on CAPTIVE HEART. Here's a summary of the tale, which takes place in the pre-history of our civilization as we know it today…a time when magic was still very much alive…

Katima Halstone has lived a simple and sheltered life in the mountains of the Bellan Valley, learning the ways of magick and harnessing the powers of nature. She is a simple Magian, so how can she be the only hope for their dying world? When the fierce Dragonlord Talon Allman comes to collect her to bring her back to the Magian Fortress, nothing about magick or crafting in the mountains has prepared her for the perilous journey ahead of them, or for the effect that Talon has on her heart.

Bound by duty, Talon Allman, the mighty Dragonlord of the Fidelman Dragons, has the responsibility of protecting his Clan…and nothing more. Yet the captivating and mysterious Witch Katima, who is now in his care, has his mind wandering to forbidden places. She is a Magian. He is a Vulgarie. The coupling of their two races is fatal, but he finds himself being helplessly drawn to her as he protects her.

When heritage, prophecy and magick collide, Katima and Talon find themselves caught up in a legacy of their own making that will alter the way their world exists and face challenges that even a forbidden love can overcome.

There you have it! New idea that is only a few months old versus being almost two decades old. Can't get fresher than that except at today's market!

With that being said, I hope to have MIDNIGHT CONQUEST published within the next month or so. Perhaps a St. Patrick's Day or released for my birthday on April 4th.

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

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