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Woo hoo! The day is finally here! I am doing the public cover reveal for Midnight Eclipse – Book 4 in my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles. Incidentally, the cover was revealed to all my VIP Club members last week on September 1st, so if you missed out on the early reveal, you might want to check your spam folder OR be sure to sign up for my VIP Club if you aren't already a member. It's FREE! Also, VIP Club members will not only get to pre-order Midnight Eclipse one week before everyone else at the LOW price of 50¢ (Yep! You read that right! Fifty pennies!), they will also get the book in their hot little hands ONE WEEK before everyone else does. So JOIN TODAY!

Okay, here's the cover reveal….*Drum Roll* TAH-DAH!!!! (Click here for the blurb)

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire ChroniclesPre-Order & Release Date Info

SQUEEE! I also get to announce to the public the pre-order and release dates for my next release:

  • The Blood Moon on October 8th – pre-order date for VIP Club members ONLY (through my site) for 50¢
  • October 15 – worldwide pre-order date through Amazon, B&N, iTunes and Smashwords for 99¢
  • Halloween October 31st – VIP Club members release date – last date at 50¢
  • November 7 – worldwide release date at 99¢
  • November 14 – Last day to get Midnight Eclipse at 99¢

Be sure to pre-order to get the book at these low prices. Once the book is available, it will go up to the regular price of $3.99 worldwide, including my website. So…



As I announced last week, we have a bunch of other fun stuff happening over at the FB Event – Bonded By Blood Party – so be sure to go there and sign up!!

What's in this Book? Wolf Shapeshifters!!

As usual, HOT Scottish Vampires will be in this book! BUT I've now added another set of shapeshifters to my lore. The werewolves I introduced in Midnight Hunt (Book 3) were the traditional man-wolf creatures that were pretty bad news. Though Thomas was sexy, he was definitely the villain and a very bad guy. This time I'm pulling from Norse mythology, creating my own wolf-shifting people that are born with this magical ability to transform into the beautiful, sleek but large forms of wolves you might see in the wild. No grotesque transmogrification (GAWD I love that word!), but the graceful transition from one form to the other.

They are not only descendants of the god wolves Manegarm (aka Hati) and Sköll, but they are the offspring of the giantesses of the Ironwood forest (in the Norse realm and not from Earth). And that makes them very tall, so Celina (the heroine/Davina in Book 4), her brothers and their clan are all at least six feet in height! You'll get to hear the story of how they came to earth very briefly in Midnight Eclipse, but I'll be providing the lore in a free publication later – for VIP Club members ONLY, so be sure to sign up so you don't miss it. I also have a twists, turns and quite a few surprises in this installment of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles. More secrets about the prophecy are revealed and I'm introducing a few new characters into the mix while I'm also bringing some old characters up to center stage. AND there will be two HEAs in this book! Lots of fun in store for this novel! I can't wait for you all to read it!

What's NOT in this Book? Sex!

My primary concern is to write a great story with lots of layers and plot twists and page-turning events. Although I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed writing the erotic love scenes between Broderick and Davina, the storyline for this novel did not really allow for me to include such detailed sex scenes. In fact, there isn't much sex in this book at all!

[expand title=”SPOILER ALERT (which explains why there's no sex)”]Broderick and Celina/Davina hit the ground running almost as soon as they meet each other and Broderick's race is not very accepted by Celina's clan. In fact, they HATE Vamsyrians and this was necessary to have buy xanax bars 2mg online Broderick fight for the woman he loves. However, it doesn't make for very romantic encounters or private time. Celina's father doesn't want his daughter with a man he considers a monster, so you can bet your tushi he's not going to give Broderick a single moment alone with his daughter if he can help it. As such…no nookie for Broderick![/expand]

Now, I could put the sex scenes in their dreams and leave it at that, but many readers have expressed in the past that this was a real tease (referring to Book 1), so I avoided taking this route. And I didn't want to sacrifice the story just to get these two into bed together. Not only would the story fall short, but many of their opportunities to have sex would just seem forced and contrived, again sacrificing story. Will Broderick still be sex-on-a-stick? OH YEAH! He'll still be rogue and push the boundaries of those sexual restrictions and there will still be sensuality in the story. But I'm taming things down in the sexual department so I can give you a good story. So rated R instead of XXX.

Moving Forward – New Books Launching in December!!

Midnight Conquest - New Adult VersionMidnight Savior (Book 5) so far is also proving to be the same situation – no sex due to the storyline. So with two books coming out that will have little-to-no sex, it's opening up the opportunity for me to expand my audience. I've had several readers tell me they adore the stories, but the sex has been a little too much for them, so they skip over the love scenes. I've also had several young people interested in reading my books, but I strongly caution anyone under the age of eighteen to pick up my novels due to the graphic sexual content. As such, these are readers who are missing out on my Broderick and Davina's tales.

Midnight Conquest - New Adult Version - Audiobook CoverSo, starting in December, I'll be releasing the New Adult versions of my Bonded By Blood series. Same stories, just minus the detailed sexual encounters. The sex won't be gone completely. I'll just be taking out all the “glistening folds” details. Instead of writing, “Davina reached between them and grabbed Broderick's shaft.” I'll have, “Davina reached between them to fondle Broderick.” Or the like. Again, still sex-on-a-stick Broderick, the rogue and scoundrel, but focusing more on the sensuality. I know I might lose a few readers during this transition, but give the books a whirl before you bow out. AND if you're a VIP Club member, you'll get the new releases for FREE, so you have nothing to lose. Well, except the details in the sex. LOL The books will get new covers to fit the content, so this is why Book 4 has a close-up of Celina's face, versus seeing lots of skin on the cover. And I'll have a launch event during December. (I'm crossing my fingers the audiobooks of the new adult versions will be ready by then, too!!!)

happy-girl-at-computer_omgVIP Club Giveaway

Please Note: Most of the giveaways on my site and some of the upcoming events related to my next release will be exclusive for for my VIP Club members. This is my way of showing my appreciation for those devoted readers who go that extra mile to be a fan. Joining is FREE and there is no obligation to buy my books. With that being said…we can't have a cover reveal without a giveaway!!!!

I need your input and opinion so tell me what you think and you could win a prize! The opinions of my readers matter to me, so don't be afraid to tell me what you think about the above information. How do you like the idea of the Norse shapeshifters? Or the lack of sex in the books? What about the new adult versions? Is this something that appeals to you or are you in the “Don't F**K with  my books!” camp?

TO ENTER THE DRAWING: Share your thoughts and opinions below in the comments. I'll pick two winners for these prizes: a $15 and a $10 Amazon, B&N or iTunes gift card (winner's choice).

Thanks for your participation and encouragement!!


Arial 😀

38 thoughts on “Midnight Eclipse #CoverReveal – #bbbvamps

  1. I love the Norse shapeshifters, I prefer you leave my books alone but I suppose other people might prefer the other way and I really shouldn’t be greedy and usually I prefer at least a little sex in my books but these books are great with or without it. Congrats on the Midnight Eclipse! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awwww! Thanks for being honest, Eva! This is important to me. I have some plans for some more erotica if you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written so far, so I’m still going to be a durty gurl! LOL That’s coming in December, too. 😉

      You’re entered into the drawing!!! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Congratulations on the new book! I love the cover, it’s gorgeous and the book sounds wonderful. i look forward to reading it. as for the Norse shapeshifters, i personally don’t think there is such a thing as a “bad” shapeshifter. LOL! they are all worth reading about!
    while i do like to read erotic paranormal romance as a preferred genre i am more than willing to read a book that has less sex in it if it has a great story line, and although i have only read a couple of the “new adult/young adult” category of books they have all been very well written and not much different than the romance book i first started reading. books written by writers like Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Joanne Lyndsay, Julie Garwood and Catherine Coulter. 🙂

    tammy ramey

    1. Ohhhh! Tammy, you’ll love my books if you haven’t read them already!! James Mallory was my inspiration when I wrote Broderick MacDougal. He was Johanna Lindsey’s hero in “Gentle Rogue”. RAWR!!! LOVED that man!!! Whatever I felt was missing from James, I put into Rick. *sigh*

      I know what you mean about the romance novels of yesterday. Things ebb and flow…but they remain the same, don’t they! I really appreciate your feedback!! Thanks so much!

      And I’ll have to agree with the comment about shifters – can’t have a bad one, can ya? Well, maybe Thomas in Midnight Hunt. He was quite the bastard. Hunky, sexy, handsome…but still a bastard. LOL

      You’re in the drawing, luv! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I like the new twist on shifters with the Norse as shifters. I like the writting structure that you have developed just fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, LOL. But if you are bored and want to try something new, maybe try with a short story or novella and put it out there for reviews and see what happens. Thank you for the chance.

  4. Gotta love the hot, hotness! It’s a funny thing, but I love good sex scenes. Yet, if they don’t belong, they don’t belong.

  5. Congrats on the newest book,… i’m loving the cover! =) And I looove me some wolf shifters! <3

    I don't mind if the story has a sex scene or not. Whatever the writer feels how their story should be, it's up to them & I respect that. =)

    Take care, & I hope you have a great day! =)

    1. Thanks, Brandi!! So glad you like the cover AND wolf shifters!!! RAWR!!! And thanks for your comments about the sex scenes. I do hope you enjoy the book! Good luck on the drawing!! 😀

  6. The cover is gorgeous – I love the drama masks on the front cover. And the coloring is lovely and very evocative of the title “Midnight Eclipse”.

    As far as the actual sex scenes are concerned I enjoy them in the right book (at the right time) but the romance in the book and the sexual tension between the characters is much more important as they are a huge part of the quality of the book. Like I said on FB – “if or when they get to doing it isn’t relevant”.

    1. Hey there, Heather!! *Arial waves* Thanks so much for your kind compliments. So glad you like the cover. Roger that, on the sex scenes. I’m glad to see there’s a pretty consistent opinion on this. Your input is most appreciated!! 😉 Good luck on the drawing!!

  7. I think the Norse shapeshifters would be something new and very interesting but you have to keep the sex in your stories.Maybe you can do two different versions for the ones who want sex & the ones who don’t.

    1. Hey, Toni!!! Thanks for your honest comments and yes, I will definitely have those for books 1-3. I might be able to put the sex scenes in for Books 4 & 5, but they would be mostly in Broderick and Davina’s dreams and not happen in their waking time until toward the end. Is that something you would still be interested in?

  8. Well, where to start? I Love the cover of Midnight Ecilpse. Very tasteful. It has class. Norse wolves? Be still my heart! About the question of “sex or not to sex”, frankly I think it’s a freshing idea. I was starting to get tired of all the graphic sex. I love the stories, however, I think the “getting down and dirty” was taking away some of the stories and not in a good way. I’m not talking about you Ariel, I’m talking about paranormal romance in general. Some days I’m in the mood for something totally out there, but other times I want to read a nice romantic novel where the sex is subtle and sweet. So there are my comments. My little “novella” *grin*

    1. GAH! I’m just now getting to your comment, Rita! Sorry for the delay. Thanks very much for your compliments on the cover! *grin* And I know what you’re saying about the erotic sex in paranormal stories. That’s one of several reasons why I’m considering this route.

      All your comments are appreciated!! Good luck on the drawing!!

    1. Hey, Tammy!! This one goes up for pre-order on October 8th for VIP Club members…50 cents! Thanks for reading my series so far!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!! Good luck on the drawing!

  9. Great cover and as for giveaways I love books (my book budget is pretty well 0 since hubs went on disability) but I also love just about any kind of swag I can use in public and get to tell everyone about my authors when they ask.

  10. I love the aspect of having Norse shapeshifters, and as far as the spicy vs. non-spicy content, I don’t mind either way. Sometimes (with other authors I’ve run across), their “spicy” scenes are almost overly repetitive and not really adding anything to the story. As long as it contributes to the building of the relationship between the characters, I don’t mind whether it’s “scorch your eyeballs” HAWTTT or leaves a bit to the imagination and keeps the spicier bits behind closed doors. 🙂

    1. Excellent feedback, Beth!! Thank you very much!! I’ve heard of some authors switching from the erotic romance to more R-rated or even cooler heat-wise and then they got burned by their readers for the change, so that’s why I’m asking for feedback. So far, it’s pretty unanimous. I am planning on releasing an erotic pen name soon, so I can funnel some of that over to that label. Good luck on the drawing!!

  11. Thank you all so much for participating in the giveaway. The winners have been chosen!! *drum roll*

    Donna Hokanson won the $15 Amazon card
    Elaine Husky Tyra won the $10 Amazon card

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! They have been contacted and prizes have been awarded.

    More giveaways to come. Be sure to visit my latest posts by clicking on the HOME tab above. I have a $100 Amazon gift card for the grand prize (and a few more gift cards and goodies) all during the Midnight Eclipse Release Tour, so join my VIP Club to be entered into the drawings!! Good luck!

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