Character Reveal Tour – #Giveaways – Broderick MacDougal

Midnight Eclipse - Character Reveal Tour 2014

Let the Character Reveal Tour Begin!

Romance Trading Card for Broderick MacDougalWelcome to the Midnight Eclipse Character Reveal Tour! I'm going to introduce you to several  of the most memorable characters in my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, including my upcoming novel Midnight Eclipse – the 4th book in the series. We have a lot of fun, giveaways and special deals for VIP Club members.

DON'T MISS OUT! If you didn't get your September 1st newsletter announcement, I'm selling Midnight Eclipse to VIP Club Members ONLY for 50¢!! Yep! You read that right! A full-length novel for 50 pennies! Without my devoted fans, I'm just someone penning stories. Therefore, to show my undying appreciation to my fans, I give them special pricing, early access to new releases and exclusive giveaways…among other things. So if you aren't a member of my VIP Club, SIGN UP NOW to take advantage of all the goodies!

Introducing – Broderick “Rick” MacDougal

Our beloved Broderick MacDougal is the first character revealed during this tour. For those readers who haven't met Rick yet, hold onto your knickers! This HOT Scottish vampire from the 16th century is a Gypsy, a rogue and a total charmer! For my fans who've already delved into the tales of my delicious Immortal Highlander, you might be happy to know I'm dropping a few facts and information along the tour that are NOT featured in the books! These will be great conversation starters for you readers to be chatting about with Broderick.

DOH! Did you catch that???

No? Then let me be direct – Broderick MacDougal will be making an appearance on the blog stops featuring his profile during the tour. He might even pop in on a few of the other blog stops during the entire tour; however, in spite of being a rogue, he is always a gentleman. Well…okay, MOST of the time he's a gentleman. With that being said, during the other blog stops featuring the other characters, Rick won't be barging in unless he's been invited, so if you want to continue to hear from Rick for the whole month we're promoting Midnight Eclipse, then leave a comment for him.

Blog Tour Stops

Literati Author Services is doing a fabulous job coordinating this whole tour for me! I couldn't do it without them and my assistant, Jess DaBooknut! They have arranged for some wonderful bloggers to host all my characters and book blasts at their sites, so show some lovin' and follow their social media links and subscribe to their blogs. Literati will be posting a page with ALL the links to all the stops, so the more you participate in the tour, the more changes you have to win the giveaways (some listed below). CLICK HERE for a current list of tour stops. AND if you'd like to sign up to host a tour stop, CLICK HERE.  The more the merrier!!


We all love freebies and I love to give them away! To be eligible for the giveaways, you HAVE to be a member of my VIP Club, so SIGN UP NOW if you're not a member already. And you can help me by spreading the word, so the more you comment, tweet and post on Facebook, the more chances you'll have to win some of the following prizes:

Bonded By Blood Vampire Coaster Set

Bonded By Blood Vampire Coaster Set

At each leg of the tour, I'll gift ONE of my hand-crafted wooden artwork pieces. I love to make things that are magical, glittery and functional! At the end of each group of characters from each book (e.g., at the end of the tour featuring all the characters from Book 1), I'll be giving away one (1) hand-crafted item. This is a wooden coaster set my husband and I created is an example of some of the work we do, and has a variety of vampire sayings, such as…

  • I <3 Vampires!
  • I <3 Bite Marks!
  • I Leave Bite Marks!
  • Vampires Do It with More Bite!
  • Vampires Do It 'til You're Drained!

We have up to twelve (12) sayings for the coasters, but there are six coasters in each set, so each set is slightly different. Each coaster has the BBB logo of the vampire comedy and tragedy masks, representing Broderick MacDougal and his clan rival, Angus Campbell. I sign all of my work and I only made a limited amount of these coasters, so it will be numbered. 🙂 CLICK HERE to see the other items I'm giving away during the whole tour.

Gift Cards & eBooks

During the tour stops, I'll be giving away eBook copies of Midnight Captive and Midnight Hunt for those who have not yet had a chance to dive into the series. As a VIP Club member, you'll get Book 1 for free, so if you're new to the club, you'll have many chances to win the other books in the series and catch up on what happens before Book 4. Everyone wins when you're a VIP Club Member!

Grand Prize

And the for the grand prize, I'll be giving away a $100 Amazon, B&N or iTunes gift card (winner's choice). For a complete list of prizes, click here.

Thanks for visiting on this first stop of the Midnight Eclipse Character Reveal Tour. Subscribe to my blog and you'll be notified when I announce each leg of the tour so you won't miss the goodies!


Arial 😀

9 thoughts on “Character Reveal Tour – #Giveaways – Broderick MacDougal

  1. hi Arial! I hope that this is the correct place to be leaving my comment regarding the contest you have going on! Thank you so much for this great contest too!

    My fave thing about Vampires is EVERYTHING! The immortality, the magic, the sexiness, the mind powers, their hotness factor. I have been in love with Vampires for a really long time! More than half of my 41 years in fact!!! I keep waiting for my Vampire Mate to show up to claim me, mate with me and turn me! 3:)

    The coasters are amazing!!!

  2. Hey Arial

    me again! I forgot to say that I also love the different abilities that Vampires can have. Some can time travel, some can mind read and control other people even other Vampires that are younger than them.

  3. Vampires always seem such tortured souls … to live so long & loose so much. They do have alot of time to perfect their loving skills, though!! Many have special powers such as mind control, the power of transportation between places, read others’ minds and heal with a spot of their blood.
    Keep up the good work with your novels! And please share where you got that HOT pic you used as a muse for the sexy, naughty werewolf villain!! 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you, KS!! Many of the things you stated you love about vampires is the reason I love to write about them! Nice fantasy – live forever, special powers, woo hoo!! But you’re right…the more time you have, the better you get at something. If I knew then what I know now…

      Thanks so much for your encouragement! And as far as the picture for my werewolf villain inspiration – his name is Joe Thomas. I think I found him on Pinterest, put him on my HOT Guys board, and then later said, OMG that’s my villain! Total accident and serendipitous I would say.

      Take care!!!
      Arial 😀

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