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It’s EASY and it’s FREE! Just CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and learn how you can get Midnight Conquest for FREE, too! There are four ways you can interact with me and learn more about my books and the publishing process: VIP ClubStreet TeamReview Team. You can join them all OR select the final and simple option: New Releases ONLY. See below for explanations.


Welcome to the VIP Club!! The following benefits are available to all VIP Club members:  

FREE Stuff!

  • New Short Stories – Paranormal erotic short stories featuring new characters with twist endings
  • Graphics – wallpapers for your computer, iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android devices with favorite quotes and beautiful scenery from the books
  • Extras and “behind the scene” research
  • And more goodies I haven’t yet created!

I’m always working to provide more features and benefits, so it only gets better from here. And I’m always open to suggestions.

E-mail Schedule

  • Weekly e-mails with freebies & teasers
  • New Release announcements for all my novels
  • Announcements for periodic events as necessary (e.g., Facebook parties, Twitter parties, promotional sales, club updates, convention appearances etc.)
  • Exclusive drawings for Members only
  • Quarterly updates

ONLY for Readers 18 Years or Older!

Right now, most of my novels and short stories contain erotic love scenes and are meant to be thoroughly enjoyed by readers age eighteen and older. Subscribing to the VIP Club constitutes an agreement that you are stating you are at least eighteen years of age and I am not responsible for minors obtaining my stories. In the future, when I start releasing my New Adult and Young Adult titles, I’ll have a different mailing list geared toward those book only, separating my adult titles. So, in the meantime – ONLY 18+ READERS. Thank you!


Free eBooks are in exchange for a review. You’ll get your first eBook FREE so you can leave a review for that, then use that review link to turn in for other FREE eBooks. Reviews don’t need to be exhaustive – just a paragraph or two stating what you liked about the book or your experience when reading it. No summaries of the books please.

ALL books given for review will be FREE and publication ready (meaning the version you get will be as close to a finished product as possible). However, any typos or mistakes caught are welcome feedback! Emails for this list will only be new release announcements and give members an opportunity to request an ARC (advanced review copy) if it fits into your schedule. CLICK HERE to sign up.

43 Responses to VIP Club

  1. Belinda says:

    Have I joined the VIP club?? Thanks Belinda xo

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  3. Elaine Tyra says:

    I need a password for my account please. Thank you.

    • Arial Burnz says:

      I just sent you the password for your account, Elaine. Please be sure to change it once you login. It’s just a temporary password. Thank you for joining my VIP Club. Let me know if you have any other problems. 😀

  4. Rita Lloyd says:

    I just found out about your books this weekend and started reading the Blood series. If I hadn’t used up my book budget this weekend I would be buying all the rest of the series. However it’s at the top of my list for next month.

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  22. marurey says:

    I just noticed that I won the quarterly drawing last term. I didn’t see an email until now. What do I have to do to claim the reward? I also sent an email. Thank you soo much! I can’t wait to read more of your books! <3

  23. Ellen Hardin says:

    your books look interesting

  24. dalawna says:

    When does book 5 come out. I just finished ecplise.

    • Arial Burnz says:

      Thank you so much for your interest in books! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 😀

      Book 5 doesn’t have a release date just yet, but I hope by the end of the Summer! Cross your fingers!

  25. karen says:

    do u have newsletter to join

    • Arial Burnz says:

      Hello, Karen!

      Yes, I certainly do! It’s my VIP Club. Just join that and you should be on the mailing list. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your interest!!

      Arial 😀

  26. ladyunicorn61 says:

    I hope that I got the join it done right didn’t tell me if I was doing it right.

    • Arial Burnz says:

      I have you signed up for the VIP Club. Is that what you wanted? Or did you want to join the other lists, too? Let me know and I can fix that for you. 😉 Thank you for joining!!!

  27. Vihous says:

    Hi Arial, I just read the sneak peak for your 5th book. Can’t wait to read it! April Huh? Long time to wait but guess I must :D. I know it will be as good as or better than all the other books in the series!!! Have a safe and Happy New Year! And I promise I won’t drive and drink as I am spending the night at home with my husband (LOL).

    • Arial Burnz says:

      Awwww! Thanks so much for your vote of confidence and enthusiasm!! I certainly strive to make each book better than the last! We spent New Year’s Eve with friends and had a lovely evening, like you and your hubby.

      Someone pointed out to me that the message I sent out said the release date for Book 5 was April 4, 2106. LOL! That should have been 2016!!! GAWD! A pre-release that’s over 100 years??? WTF! I think only Rick would be around for that one! Hee hee!!


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  29. Debi says:

    Hi Arial.
    I thought I had to sign up for Review Team and saw it stated I was already apart. 🙂 so happy that I am. I love your Vampire books and can’t wait to get them read. I have just started on “Midnight Conquest.” So excited to be apart of an Awesome Author.

    • Arial Burnz says:

      Hello, Debi!! I’m glad you’re a part of the team, too! Thank you so much for joining!! And thank you for the wonderful compliment!!! I hope you enjoy my books!

      Arial 😀

  30. Pattie says:

    Just recently found out about you and your books! Can’t wait to read one! Thank-you for accepting my membership.

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