Book Review – “Remember Me” by Genella de Grey

Genella and I are friends because I enjoy her ideas and what she writes…outside of the fact we also have so much in common. THANKFULLY I don't have one of those friendships with her where I adore her, but I hate her writing. What a conundrum that would be! “Gee, Genella…um…cute story?” I'm blessed with a very talented friend who knows how to tell a good story and she never fails to yank those tears from me!

About the Book

Remember Me” is a delightful read, but not for the faint-hearted! True to her web site‘s tagline, Genella does indeed “Heat-Up History!” This angels & demons / paranormal / historical romance is centered around a charming young woman named Gemmah who is a psychic's apprentice–psychic gifts she has from God–and a breathtakingly handsome fallen angel named Dacious (pronounced DAH-see-us). The characters are a joy to become acquainted with and the passion that is centuries old between them is magical! The back of the book blurb says:

“Thrice since the dawn of time their paths have crossed – and he's not about to lose her now… If he can remember who she is. But will Gemmah and Dacious's love survive the wrath of a jealous vampire queen and the malicious vengeance of Lucifer?”

Be sure to visit Genella's blog to read her bonus chapter. I would highly recommend reading it prior to reading the book. Though it's not crucial to the story, it enriches it immensely! But that's all I'm going to share…I'm not one for spoilers, so you'll have to check it out yourself.

My Two Pence…

I'm not much of an Angels & Demons fan in Romantic Fiction, so I had just a LITTLE bit of a slow start…the suspension-of-belief thing and all. HOWEVER, with that said, that didn't last past chapter 2. Once I hit the 3rd chapter, I couldn't put the book down! Now, that's not to say the first two chapters were slow…not at all. Being a vampire romance fan was MY hang-up…not hers. You will meet Lucifer, Erzebet the Queen of the Vampires (which appealed to me a bunch), Archangles we all know, and psychics. She touches on reincarnation and all kinds of fun stuff, like tea leaf reading, sensing spirits and..of course…falling in love!

I highly recommend it and I commend Genella for her first book out the door! Cheers, Miss de Grey!!

Published by Freya's Bower ($5.95), they give it a “Tangy” rating and it's in the “Plus Novel” category…a meaty read in more ways than one!

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

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