Broderick MacDougal – IN COLOR!

Robert Quill - Artist for Hire

I had the pleasure of meeting a profound artist at the Romantic Times Book Lover's Convention by the name of Robert Quill. Charming, witty, talented and downright hilarious, Robert was a joy to meet and converse with. I loved hearing his voice – a kind of cross between rogue and tv announcer.

Robert had two books available for you to see his artwork – “Nice” and “Naughty” – and oh was the Naughty book NAUGHTY!! I blushed often at the imagry he had sexually cavorting across his pages…every single one of those pages! It was shameful! How I will endure when I finally get the many prints I bought from him, I shall never know! I caution you to explore his web site: and “bare” through the gallery he has unabashedly on display. *wink*

One of the services he offers is customized art! He has a rather extensive rap sheet for you to fill out and describe exactly what you'd like him to draw (EXACTLY what you ask him to draw…so not ALL of those images described above were hatched from his brain…though he is guilty of drawing them).

All joking aside…I asked him to draw a picture of my Hero – Broderick MacDougal – in my Vampire Chronicles series, Bonded By Blood. He did not disappoint!!! He did an ink drawing of Rick and Robert worked very well with me during the sketch phase to get Rick drawn just the way I wanted him. I scanned the image into my computer and did the coloring of Rick in Photoshop. And….(drum roll please)….Broderick MacDougal!!

Broderick MacDougal – Gypsy. Rogue. Vampire
Check out his web site. It's great to have an image of my character as it really brought a whole new element to seeing Broderick come to life. I saw the picture and said, “That's MAH BOY!!”
Thanks, Robert!!!
That's my two pence…
Arial 😉

5 thoughts on “Broderick MacDougal – IN COLOR!

  1. Sadly, I have not had a happy experience with Mr. Quill so far. While I also found his work superb and his personality engaging, and commissioned him to do a piece for me, I have yet to see more than a rough sketch. More than 3 months have passed and quite honestly, I am concerned. I have written to him several times asking for an update on the progress to which he has not responded (hence the cause of my concern.) Hopefully, I will soon be as pleased as you.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Marie! I’m wondering…sometimes Robert only provides a sketch. What did you pay for? A full, ink drawing? A pencil drawing (which can be interpreted as a sketch)? A full ink and color drawing? The picture I provided on this blog is only a sketch, I believe, and I scanned it into my computer and enhanced it in Photoshop. Don’t give up on your drawing, though. If he owes you more, you should get what you paid for.

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