Book 5 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles – Release Day!!

BBB05_1700x2550Surprise! Release Day Moved Up

For people who are only followers of my blog, you may have noticed it's been a little quiet lately. I've been plugging away at getting my latest novel written & produced and now marketed. Things went well enough with the release that I went ahead and moved up the release date from April 4th to March 31st. YEP! THAT'S TOMORROW!!! *Arial does the Snoopy dance*

For those of you who are VIP Club members, this is old news. And many of you have had a sneak peek or two into the novel through the newsletters I've sent out this month. Another sneak peek is going out tomorrow when I send my reminder for the release day. TIP: If you're not subscribed to my newsletter, do it now! >>CLICK HERE<<

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Sneak Peek – Midnight Savior (Book 5)

Quick setup – This scene is from Malloren Rune's point of view…a POV I have purposefully avoided until now. We've always seen the elusive prophetess through the eyes of the other characters, mostly Broderick's. For this book, I spend a lot of time in Malloren's head…and for good reason. I'm going to let you readers see just a peak of what makes this woman tick, and I reveal some startling truths behind the prophecy, which has so turned Broderick's world upside down since the very day he crossed over in 1486. Yes…Malloren is certainly to blame.

This scene is at the beginning of the book and our hunky vampire hero is putting himself in the friend zone for this novel! What? He isn't running into Davina's arms? Nope! In fact, he's fighting her, tooth and nail! So here's a sneak peek from Malloren's point of view…


Broderick pursed his lips. “You know very well why I'm here.” He poured his sixth glass of Scotch, but this time didn't gulp the libation. Instead, he cradled it in his hand as he strolled to the window. Poor Broderick was still trying to drown his frustrations in the amber liquid. Surely, he did it out of habit now, since alcohol had no effect on their kind.

“Davina is in hospital.” He glanced worry-filled eyes over his shoulder. “She may have been raped,” he whispered, despair graveling his voice. He returned his attention out the window. “I've been looking for her since I arrived and must have searched every hospital and clinic in a three-mile radius of the Victoria Docks.”

Malloren nodded, recalling that the distance was the reach of his dreams in relation to Davina's location. “Raped? Are you certain?” She opened her mouth to ask more questions, but gasped when a bright flash blinded her.

The parlor in which she sat vanished in favor of the visions rushing through her mind. Familiar, grimy byways and passages of where she'd been hunting surrounded her. The dark alleys faded and she, once again, sat amidst the tastefully decorated room.

Malloren sighed. Thank God! A vision. “You're looking in the wrong place. Davina is in the East End.”

Rick blanched. “God's blood, no. What is she doing there?”

“Have you not checked those hospitals? Whitechapel is within the radius.”

“I-I ignored that area. I never thought to look there because…well…”

“I understand. It's bad enough she's been hurt. I would imagine you wouldn't want to find her living under such horrid conditions. As to why she would be there, I can think of several reasons. Abandoned by a husband, perhaps with child and rejected by her family. She might have even been raised in poverty—”

“Mal, you're not helping me!” Broderick glared before emptying his glass down his throat. He stalked to the decanter to replenish his drink. “Don't pile one appalling circumstance upon another. I've already conceived a multitude of terrifying thoughts just in the last few moments. Honestly, woman!” Rick paced, raking his fingers through his dark-auburn hair.

Her cheeks flushed with heat. “Well, now that you're here, she'll be safe with you.”

Broderick shook his head. “No, she won't. I'm leaving without her.”

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I know! You can say it…BEEE-OTCH! I am an evil woman, aren't I? So go get your copy now. I think it's still up for pre-order at this very moment I am publishing this post, but you will have it in your eReader by midnight tonight! ENJOY!!!

That's my two pence…

Arial 😀

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