Status Update: Book 6 – Midnight Deliverer

The Exciting Conclusion is Coming Soon!

Who loves HOT Scottish Vampires??? My readers obviously do! I'm getting a slew of emails and comments on my website, asking me when Midnight Deliverer, Book 6 of my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, is coming out. Well, I don't have a release date just yet, but I can give you a little progress report by answering some FAQs and I'll start with the new blurb I've written

bbb06_coming-soonBlurb for Midnight Deliverer (Book 6)

Broderick MacDougal refused to do what was foretold – sacrifice his beloved Blossom for the sake of redemption. But after burying himself for six years in a crypt, Broderick is awakened with a promise the manipulative Malloren Rune has found a way to save his soul mate. How can he believe her when the prophetess' sole purpose has been to see the prophecy fulfilled at any cost? But he can no longer resist the painful calling of Davina’s soul and rushes to get to her before the Illuminati does.

Davina Ferris was certain she inherited the crazy gene…until the HOT Scottish vampire in her dreams waltzes into her art gallery to claim her. But her mother’s obsession with Davina being the soul mate of the shipping company billionaire turns out to be the least of her worries. Every paranormal creature known to man is descending upon Los Angeles – bent on killing her!

After five-hundred years, Broderick and Davina are finally reunited, but the chance to seize their happily-ever-after is short-lived. Unexpected allies are called to defend the couple. Not just for the salvation of vampire souls, but the fate of the world, as the Vampire Prince finally claims his throne and unleashes the fury of Hell!


Yep! I'm throwing everything…and possibly even the kitchen sink…at our hero and heroine, but I promise it will all be worth it! This will be the best HEA evah!

So here are the Frequently Asked Questions I've been getting…

Will Broderick and Davina finally get their HEA (happily ever after)?

YES! But it won't be easy. I know, I know! I've put these two through hell in this series already, but a love worth dying for is…well, fucking worth dying for! So how they are finally able to get together is going to be fucking epic, too. I can't tell you the details, but I will beg you: PLEASE don't let any startling events scare you into putting the book down or throw it against the wall. Keep reading and everything will be resolved in the end. I promise! Oh, and you might hate me for just a few split seconds, but hopefully you'll get over it…as long as you keep reading. 😀 (I know…I'm evil. It's okay to say that.)

What's the current status of the manuscript?

writer-typingSo far, I have done a skeleton of an outline and at present I'm half-way through the outline structure, putting some meat on the bones. I do what I call a “talking through the storyline” where I describe what's happening in each scene and only sometimes go into dialogue, if it comes to my mind as I'm writing. But I don't usually write scene details. For example: Remember the sneak peak at Book 6 I gave all of you at the end of Book 5? Well, here's an excerpt of when I talked myself through that scene…

Anthony MacDougal goes to the crypt where his father Broderick has been buried for the last six years, hiding from the prophecy. He's bringing with him a murderer and child molester in the trunk of his car. With his superhuman, hybrid speed and strength, he is able to drag the two criminals into the crypt, where he locks them inside. Through the door, Anthony hears the convicts screaming while he's twirling the keys around his fingers, whistling a happy tune.

Silence (the men have been killed).

Then a loud pounding at the door. Anthony unlocks the steel-enforced barrier and standing there, looking like hell, is his father Broderick MacDougal. “This had better be good, lad, or I’m dragging you down here with me.”

Anthony says, “We agreed I wouldn’t wake you unless there was a way around the prophecy.” 

Rick nods and straightens with interest. “Aye.”

Anthony says, “Well, she found a way. I’ll explain on the drive.” Anthony leads the way out of the crypt and into the graveyard.

Broderick catches up and, when they reached the car, his father glares at him over the roof. “She?” 

Anthony nods and they both climb in. He starts the engine. 

“You mean Malloren,” Rick says with disdain. “

The one and only,” Anthony replies. 

Broderick leans back, rubs his face and grumbles, “I can’t wait to hear this.”

The dialogue turned out to be very close to what I actually published, but as you can see the scene is just barely sketched out.

Right after I'm finished with “talking through the story” for Book 6, I'll use that to guide me through writing the entire novel. Some things will change as I go along and start detailing all the scenes and emotions of the characters, so I won't necessarily end up with the same exact story I outlined. But it'll be pretty darn close. All this to say I'm VERY close to starting the actual first draft of Midnight Deliverer!

When is Book 6 going to be released?

doggie-listeningWell, that depends on how many interruptions I get from life and other work I'm doing after I've finished the outline as described above. I'm in the middle of a new start-up company with my husband and that's getting a little time-consuming, but I'm hoping I can get my ass out of bed at 4am and write the novel every morning like I did for Book 5.

Realistically, I'm thinking an April 4, 2017 release date will be more manageable. If I can get the pre-order up by Christmas, great, but I can't promise anything until I've done the first draft and sent it off to my editor. Sorry, but that's the best I can do on giving you an idea of a release date and that certainly isn't written in stone, so don't hold your breath. By Christmas, however, I should have a better idea of how far along I am. So you'll get another update prior to the holidays.

Will this be the last book for Broderick and Davina? I want to read more about them!

Well, this question is tough to answer. The short answer is…no, but I don't know when the next book is coming out.

The long answer is…I have it under good advice from industry professionals that I need to start writing stuff outside of my series. I would LIKE to get an agent and/or a publishing contract that's going to be worth my efforts. (Worth My Efforts = I'll be damned if I give anyone the rights to my books for a measly 25% royalty, no advance or control over my pricing and my covers and I still have to bust my tail to do all the marketing.) I'm told agents and publishers won't touch any of my books that have been self-published unless/until I'm selling tens of thousands of copies in a single month. I get it. They're running a business and they want a sure bet. Even though I'm able to pay my bills with my books, they have bigger bills than I do and want a lot more money coming in. So if I want to catch the attention of said agent and/or publishers, I need to publish something new and not attached to my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles world.

I might have to take a break from BBB and write something more “sellable”. But what I'm hearing is “sellable” is not exactly what I want to write – Contemporary Romance or Contemporary Erotic Romance. I like to write about paranormal creatures and fantasy/fantastical worlds, which publishers aren't buying right now. So the big question is do I want to write what publishers are buying or what I enjoy writing?

Many of my indie author pals are telling me to write what I love to write and just self-publish. I do have a series I've mentioned to you all before – a romantic suspense series which has a touch of paranormal – so this is a possible option where I can have my cake and eat it, too. I might be doing this with some writing partners under a different pen name, but I won't know how this pans out until after I'm done with Book 6. Soooo, after Book 6 has been released, I'm thinking of sending out a series of newsletters, each one featuring a blurb about each of the series I have cooking on the back burners. At the end of the week, I'll have a question for you all to answer: Which series do you want me to start next? OR I might ask you just put them in order of importance.

Until then, that's the latest info! Thank you all for being so patient!


Arial 😀


6 thoughts on “Status Update: Book 6 – Midnight Deliverer

  1. I’m hooked. I have read all 5 books twice now.
    I originally got them out of order. So I went back and read them again in Order. The teaser at the end of book 5. WOOOOOWWW.. I can not wait.

    1. WOW! That’s great and I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed them…TWICE! I’m about a third done with Book 6. Cross your fingers I’ll have an April or May release! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    1. Weellll, this is just embarrassing. I see in the article above, I was hoping for an April 2017 release. That date has long come and gone and still no book 6.

      Unfortunately, I do not have a solid date as to when it will be release as my husband and I are in the middle of launching a new company. CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn more about that.

      However, when WRingle is officially launched (target date June 2020), I will be exclusively selling my books on WRingle, so Book 6 might not be released until then. We’ll have to see.

      As of right now, I don’t have a date. I’m so sorry! I wish I did, but life just took us in a completely different direction. One day, I’ll be able to return to writing. 🙁

  2. So wait, is the book finished and just not published because you are waiting almost 3 years to release it under your own publishing company?

    Like you are expecting fans to wait around for years???

    1. Hello, Selena…

      Book 6 is in editing right now. It not only took a very long time to write the book, but I am now taking care of my husband’s grandparents full time. I apologize for the delay in getting my book published, but I hope you understand that there are other things that have taken priority over my book being published.

      Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about the wait. Family comes first.

      Hope you have a great holiday. My best wishes to you and your family.


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