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Frostbitten Hearts featuring Jack Frost - a Bonded By Blood NovellaJack Frost is HOT!!

I am THRILLED to announce that A Very Alpha Christmas – the boxed set that includes my Bonded By Blood Novella Frostbitten Hearts about the legendary Jack Frost – made #40 on the USAToday Bestseller List!! *Arial jumps up and down and throws confetti* This is a wonderful accomplishment for all the authors involved. I'm proud to say this is the second set containing one of my books that has hit this prestigious list of high-selling books – the first being Highland Shifters (with Midnight Hunt, Book 3). By the way, A Very Alpha Christmas is still on sale for 99¢, so BUY IT NOW while the price is still low!!

Jack Frost as You've Never Seen Him!

So what is Frostbitten Hearts about? In short, it's my own version of the Jack Frost legend – who he is, how he got his name, and the woman who melted his heart! WARNING: This is no Disney storyline of snowflakes and children's rhymes. Uh-uh! Jack Frost is a sexy alpha male who will stop at nothing to find the woman he loves!

For those of you who read my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, there are a few pieces of this storyline that might be familiar. Jack is an Elemental – a witch or mage who wields the power of the elements. Monika Konrad, the heroine of Midnight Hunt (Book 3), is a fire witch and that's the first book where I introduced this race of magic users. At the very end of Midnight Eclipse (Book 4), I invented the “nurseries” the Elder Vamsyrians (aka vampires) created to breed these magic users in order to produce a Spirit Elemental – a rare witch or mage with powers over the dead…powers Prince Jesse Amir needs to defeat his father, the King of the Vamsyrians. Dah-dah…DAH!

Remember Baby Jack? He was the little cusper infant mentioned at the end of Book 4. Frostbitten Hearts takes place about 25 years after the end of Midnight Eclipse and Baby Jack is all grown up! Being born right on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces gives him the power of both elements for those signs – air and water respectively. Unlike any other of his kind, Jack learns to wield both of these elements in harmony and with a touch a of darkness to create ice, snow, and freeze generic name of ativan anything. It's not an easy task and he spends years learning to perfect his powers.

A Very Alpha Christmas - the box set with Frostbitten Hearts featuring Jack FrostGreat Introduction to the Bonded By Blood Series!

For those of you who have not yet read my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, this powerful little story, filled with action and adventure, is a great introduction to the main series. It IS a stand-alone tale and you do not have to read any of the books from the main series in order to enjoy this winter spin-off. I won't lie, though. I do a fair amount of teasing to entice you to read the chronicles. Mwuahahaha! There are characters mentioned/included from the main series and I hint at deeper stories related to these people. This novella will certainly give you a sampling of my writing style and a peek into this world of vampires (whom I call Vamsyrians for etymology reasons), witches, werewolves and historical settings I thrill at exploring with my artistic liberties. For 99¢, you can't go wrong AND you'll get a whole slew of other wonderful stories from my fellow PNR authors. (Pssst…my favorite story in the box set – next to my own, of course – is A Clockwork Dragon by Tasha Black. OMG fabu!!!) So go pick up a copy NOW!

I hope this novella will serve as a little morsel to tie you over until the release of Midnight Savior (Book 5). I just topped 75k words today on the first draft. Only about 25k more to go! I haven't made an OFFICIAL announcement about this, but Midnight Savior is available for pre-order at B&N, Kobo and iTunes. CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy now while it's at the low price of $2.99. About a week after the release – presently scheduled for April 4, 2016 – it will be going up to $5.99, so get it now while the price is low! If production goes well, I might be able to move the date up and release this next book at the tail end of winter, so keep your fingers crossed. That's the main reason I haven't made an official announcement. I can't list it on Amazon until at least 90 days out, so as soon as it goes up on the Zon, I'll blow the trumpet.

Until then…TTFN!!

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