Winner for June Contest Announced!

HOLY MOLY I got a lot of new entries for this month's contest! Friend's requests and page likes galore on Facebook and Twitter follows. This was pretty competitive this month and thank goodness for Ok, without further adieu…the winners for my June Contest for MIDNIGHT CONQUEST:

Grand prize – Winner receives a signed trade paperback copy of my novel and a choice of one item from my Zazzle Store, so be sure to visit my store to pick something.

T. Lynne Tolles

Three lucky winners receive an autographed eBook version (yes, I said autographed) of my novel:

1. Lonnie Young

2. Patti O'Shea

3. Maureen Driscoll

I've had quite a spike in sales recently, so please let me know if you've already purchased a copy of MIDNIGHT CONQUEST. I'll award the free copy to the next one on the list and I'll contact you privately about an alternative gift. Thank you for all who participated and congratulations to my winners!!


2 thoughts on “Winner for June Contest Announced!

    1. LOL! Nope, I’m not kidding, you won the Grand Prize. WAY!!!

      I actually have a pretty kewl alternative for you. You will still get your signed paperback copy of MIDNIGHT CONQUEST, but my husband and I are making Vampire-themed wooden coasters. Check out my latest blog entry on what sayings they’ll have and there’s a picture of the coasters. I don’t have a finished picture just yet, but that will be coming in the next couple of days. It’s up to you which one you want – a coaster set or something from my Zazzle Store.

      Let me know!!
      Arial 😉

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