NEW Vampire Coaster Sets!

UPDATE: I now have pictures of the coasters. Click the picture to the left here for a larger version. And I've included some more pictures below to click on and see details.

OMG I am soooo excited to announce that my husband and I have created these really neat wooden coaster sets with vampire sayings on them. We've made them to celebrate my debut novel MIDNIGHT CONQUEST. We've created two sets: The Vampire Romance set and The Vampires Do It set. I have my comedy and tragedy masks in the design – they symbol of my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles romance series. Each set is numbered and will have my debut novel information on the bottom of the holder. Here's a list of the sayings:

The Vampire Romance Set

  1. Vampires SUCK…and bite…and nibble…and lick…and…
  2. Bite Me!
  3. I love bite marks (“love” is actually a red glitter heart)
  4. I leave bite marks
  5. I love Vampires (“love” is actually a red glitter heart)
  6. Vampires like to Neck!

The Vampires Do It Set

  1. Vampires do it Forever
  2. Vampires do it All Night Long
  3. Vampires do it With More Bite
  4. Vampires do it in the Dark
  5. Vampires do it while the Stakes are High
  6. Vampires do it Until You're Drained
This is a sample image of the design I've created for one of the coasters (to the right). There is a limited number of signed sets – 15 of each style at $12.99 each. We'll be getting some pictures posted shortly, but if you're interested in buying a set now, visit my home page: and you'll see the BUY NOW buttons. We've decided we are not going to sell them, but give them away at my book signings as promotional gifts. They'll still be numbered and I will sign them, so one day (hopefully) they'll be collector's items!

Let me know if you have any questions. Here are the other pictures (below). Just click on them to see a detailed view.

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