Reminders – They’re a BIG Help!

I have so much energy, I have to find SOMETHING to keep me busy or I go nutz! However, since I keep myself so busy, I frequently lose track of days and things I need to do. My Franklin-Covey planner is a BIG help! But if I don't look in my planner, it's NO help. Soooo, I've turned to a useful FREE tool that will actually send me reminders on my cell phone and my e-mail!

Yahoo! Calendar

Most of us have a Yahoo! mail account OR anyone can create one for themselves for free. Not a lot of us know that the Calendar function within the Yahoo! Mailbox is available. Here's how it works…

  • Schedule an appointement – like the doctor, a bill that's due, a school event for your child…whatever you need to be reminded about.
  • Set a reminder – In the screen where you're setting up your appointment options – dates, time, notes, etc. – there is a section that allows you to set a reminder. You can set up to TWO reminders for one appointment.
  • Set the notification method – Believe it or not, Yahoo! Calendar can send you an e-mail, notify you on your Yahoo! Messenger, AND/OR send you a text message to your cell phone! If you've created the Yahoo! account JUST so you can use the calendar and you don't use this account as your main e-mail address, you can add other alternate e-mail addresses AND/OR a mobile device (such as your cell phone) to your Yahoo! Account. Once you've done that, they are available on the drop-down menus for the reminder choices.

It's really that simple! We have bills that are due – who doesn't – and to remind us of when buy xanax usa they're due, we created a Yahoo! account to book them on the Calendar. Then we set up 2 reminders on each bill that's due – 7 days out to give us a head's up and 4 days out to still be within that 3-day time-period it takes if we need to transfer money from one bank account to another. We'll never be late on a bill again!

Other Reminders

There are other free reminder services on the Internet. Hotmail, Google, and most free e-mail services have a calendar built in, as well as eCard services such as American Greetings and Halmark. If you go to Google and search for “Free Online Reminders” you'll get a slew of results. Check them out and see which one suits your needs the best. (Personally, Yahoo! seems to be the best as it allows you to send out reminders to your Yahoo! IM, an e-mail address, AND a cell phone all at once. It also allows you to set up TWO reminders, where most only let you set one reminder.)

Share Your Organizational Tips!

From one person who has her life a little scattered but LOVES to be organized, I thought others might appreciate a little organizational tip. Do you have other tips for organizing your life? SHARE THEM! I love to hear about great ways to organize your life! The more I automate things and set up procedures for doing daily tasks, the less I have to think about and the more time I have to do what I love…writing romance and creating art!!! Have a great day!!

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

One thought on “Reminders – They’re a BIG Help!

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the post! I have to say I can’t live without my lists. I have typewritten lists, computer reminders that update me daily and handwritten notes. I would LOSE my mind, and most of my friends without my daily reminders!

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