[Fiction] Friday – A Leopard Print Dress

It's a little late, but I'm taking the challenge from the “Write Anything” Blog. They have their “[Fiction] Friday” challenge for August 1, 2008: Write about a leopard print dress.

Here's my post… 

It was corny, and yet he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her backside. Leopard print on a woman tapped into a primal part of him that was…corny. He couldn’t help thinking leopard – a wild, feral beast that has stealth-like moves…put that on a woman how to buy klonopin online with a tight, trim backside – like the one Karl was staring at – and it just automatically became sexual for him. Yes, cliché’, but true.


That's it. I only had 5 minutes to write! And I didn't edit, so straight out of the noggin. Keep in mind…I'm a romance novelist. 😉


Would love your comments and I'm looking forward to reading others and making comments of my own.


That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

2 thoughts on “[Fiction] Friday – A Leopard Print Dress

  1. Arial, First thank you for the visit to my site and the comments you made. I really enjoyed writing about the leopard print dress – In fact, I’ve enjoyed the three ‘Fiction Fridays’ I’ve entered as it’s usually covers something that I would not normally write. I’ve spent a lot of time on your blog and websites – they are very well done. I’m not a reader of Romance Novels – but I am always in interested in ‘things’ that work. Whether it be a machine, a business plan, or a novel. And Romance certainly works – it connects with people who love to read and that is one of the goals I have for my blog is to connect with people who love to read.

    I like your post – it makes me smile like the other entries on your site… they are so direct. Direct in a way that I admire for its bravery. There’s no mistaking what Karl’s thinking. . . I can’t imagine a woman putting on a leopard print dress and not having something dangerous on her mind. And Karl certainly thinks he know what that is. It would be great to read the rest of your story to see if he is right.

    I look forward to seeing you on Fiction Friday again. . . Koe

  2. Hey, Koe!

    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! From you, they are, indeed, a great honour! *full curtsy*

    I, myself, am looking forward to the Fiction Fridays and seeing what other wonderful prose you have to offer. Until then, my fellow writer…

    That’s my two pence…
    Arial 😉

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