Nicholas Sparks Gets Divorced – Love is Dead?

Nicholas Sparks - photoIs Nicholas Sparks Divorce the End of True Love?

Of course it isn't the end of true love! But you'd think it was if you listened to all the Twitter chatter about Mr. Sparks's separation and pending divorce with his wife of 25 years. I'm just flabbergasted at the drivel that people are spewing because this bestselling romance novelist's marriage didn't work. Here are some of the ridiculous quotes flashing around the Twittersphere and I don't want to put the author credits because they just don't deserve the attention – but you can do searches on Twitter for them yourself if you're interested.

  • “PSA: I was just informed that nicholas sparks got a divorce so basically love is dead”
  • Nicholas Sparks is getting a divorce and love is officially dead.”
  • “Nicholas Sparks is getting a divorce?! There's no hope for love :(“
  • Nicholas Sparks got a divorce this week so basically there's no hope for any of us”

I could continue, but I'm sure you get the point.

Reality Check

As a romance novelist myself, and having been through two divorces AND now in a very successful and healthy relationship, I think I have a pretty solid soap box on which to stand. Since this is my website, I'll take the liberty of climbing on top of said makeshift podium and pontificate. TRUE LOVE IS NOT DEAD. I know because I'm living it. MUCH of the romance in my books is based on the true love principles I'm sharing in this article. I've said many times before, my husband is the heart that beats within Broderick MacDougal, the main character in my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles.

How bloody absurd it is that people are taking this leap just because Nicholas Sparks had problems in his love life! BUT it highlights how unrealistic people are about love today. I'll make a couple of important points I've learned the hard way through the years: Continue reading

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Pre-release Options?

Since I am releasing my books through Amazon first and then other retailers after the 90-day exclusivity period, I cannot make the books available for pre-order through my website. Not only will it violate my Amazon contract, but it's an administrative nightmare. The latest release with pre-orders was so much more trouble than it was worth. But hey…I gave it the ol' college try. Thank you to those who participated!

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Audiobook – Midnight Conquest

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I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

That's my two pence…

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Winners Announced for the Midnight Eclipse Release Tour

Throwing in the Towel - YUM!TIME FOR A REVEALING!

First let me thank everyone who participated in the Midnight Eclipse Book Release Tour! All the tweets that went out to increase my exposure were invaluable in helping me get the word out about my books. Thank you!!!

I did make an announcement of the winners for the tour in my newsletter yesterday to all my VIP Club members – along with announcing the quarterly winner (see widget to the right) – but I completely forgot to mention the bloggers who also won the incentive drawings. My sincerest apologies!!! So many blogger participated (see link above for list of participating websites) and two winners were selected for $20 Amazon Gift Cards. They were…

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Bonded By Blood - Vampyre MaskWhen we first pulled the names for the winners of the prizes below, we e-mailed them directly through the e-mails they provided when they entered. Some people did not claim their prizes for the Midnight Eclipse tour, so we picked new names. When I announced this in my newsletter yesterday, a bunch of people contacted me, asking if they were the ones that didn't respond.

Suffice it to say that if you entered your e-mail for the drawing, that is the e-mail we would have used to contact you for your prize and we sent several buy klonopin without messages. Unless those messages went into your spam folder, you probably would have known if you were contacted. However, IF you check your spam folder now and find out you DID miss out on winning your prize, then forward the winning announcement e-mail to me and we'll take it from there. Unfortunately, we might have to work out a different prize, though. Just sayin'!

Bonded By Blood Vampire Coaster SetBelow are the list of prizes given out and the names of all the winners. This list includes the winners who DID claim their prizes and the new names chosen, so it's all inclusive. The only people that need to contact me are the ones who won the signed book copies. All the rest should have their prizes by now.

  • Midnight Conquest Character Reveal Tour & Books 1-3 Book Blast
    • $10 Gift Card – Lisa Miller
    • 1 set of coasters – Vicki Hancock
    • 1 Signed Set of books 1-3 – Rebecca Ray
  • Midnight Captive Character Reveal Tour
    • $10 Gift Card – Robbie Bauldree
    • 1 mask – Maari Hammond
    • 1 Signed set of books 1-3 – Melissa Snow
  • Midnight Eclipse Book Tour
    • $100 Gift Card – Amber Snyder
    • 1 box of books 1-4 signed copies – Ann Waters

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Everyone who won the signed copies needs to contact me with a snail-mail address AND what you would like inscribed on your copies (e.g., who am I making them out to?).

Midnight Eclipse Book Tour Schedule – #Giveaways!

Midnight Eclipse - Book Tour with Literati Author ServicesFor your convenience, I've posted the complete schedule of bloggers who are hosting my new release, Midnight Eclipse. I will try to update the links as I get them, but some of the posts aren't going live or I'm having problems finding them.  By the way…for those of you who are bloggers…PLEASE put a search widget on your site! It's near impossible for authors to find our posts when you don't have that search function. Thank you!!

Tour Schedule

Continue reading

Midnight Eclipse Book Tour #Giveaways

Midnight Eclipse - Book Tour with Literati Author Services

Midnight Eclipse Book Tour

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Midnight Eclipse – Price Change

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

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Still Not Sure about Midnight Eclipse?

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Jan. 1, 2015 – No More eBook Purchases at My Site

Throwing in the Towel - YUM!Due to all the problems with downloading eBook files, putting them on devices and the overwhelming customer service requests that came through during the purchasing of eBooks and pre-orders through my website, I've thrown in the towel. It's just me running my website and managing all this. Though as a whole it isn't too bad, buy nolvadex generic when piled on top of writing, deadlines, running the podcast (which I'm also dropping), and just day-t0-day activities, it was too much for me to handle. GAWD! Don't you wish you could be 5 people at once? There are so many things I would love to do, but my writing has to come first. As such…

Effective January 1st, I will no longer be offering eBooks through my website. You will still be able to purchase signed print copies and I'll be adding some vampire merchandise to the catalogue (like the vampire coasters). HOWEVER, I still want to provide VIP Club pricing for my devoted fans as a benefit. I might be able to offer special pricing through my website by using coupon codes with Smashwords…but I have to research this option. You would make the purchase here, and then I would give you a one-time only coupon code with Smashwords.

Right now you can get Midnight Conquest for FREE through the vendors listed above. Amazon, B&N and iTunes will deliver right to your device, so that's much easier for you guys. Once the Les Petites Morts short stories are no longer on KDP select, I'll be providing coupons through Smashwords as the freebies. So come January (heh heh…I said come), I'll be changing the website offerings up a bit and the VIP Club FREEBIES page will get some new links.

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during my trial period of selling books through my site. Though I would definitely earn more money through this venue, YOUR convenience is more important to me and getting your books loaded directly onto your devices is MUCH easier and perhaps worth the extra 49¢ you'd pay through the vendors.

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Arial 😀

Midnight Eclipse – NOW AVAILABLE!

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles


Thank you for your patience! Midnight Eclipse should now be available for download for those of you who pre-ordered. I'll see if I can send out a reminder e-mail. I kinda screwed things up with not moving the pre-order date in my own system, so some people received the notification e-mail earlier than I wanted. Hopefully, I'm not going to send out more than one e-mail! Yeah…this process is soooo not working. Next release will be exclusively through the online retailers. No more buying books through my website. So sorry for the inconveniences anyone has experienced through me testing out this process.


PLEASE NOTE: The price on my website will go up to $2.99 on November 6th! You will still be able to pre-order Midnight Eclipse for 99 cents if you click the links below. However, that price will only be available until November 12th.

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Midnight Eclipse – Release Date 11/4/2014

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles


I apologize for the inconvenience, but the release date for Midnight Eclipse was moved from October 31 to November 4. So if you received an e-mail this morning stating it was available and needed to be purchased, please disregard.

We had some family emergencies and some unexpected issues arise, so my writing schedule got all messed up and delayed. The book is ALMOST ready! Thank you for your patience!

For those of you who have not yet pre-ordered it, you can still do so here, but I would buy isotretinoin online no prescription recommend doing it through one of your favorite retailers below due to the convenience of having the item sent automatically to your device on release date.

Pre-order by clicking on these buy buttons – only 99 cents:



But that 99 cent price point will only last until November 12th, so ORDER NOW!

AND I'm giving away a signed set of Books 1-4 AND $100 Gift Card to TWO lucky winners!!! Enter here…

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