Day 6 – Snarkology Halloween Hop & Drinks

Day 6 – Snarkology Halloween Hop & Drinks


Yay! Candy day is here! And we have TWO drinks today!

Welcome back to those of you participating this week!!! Welcome to those who have just stumbled upon this spook-tactular Blog Hop and a message to hustle! This is the last day of the #SnarkologyHalloweenHop where almost SEVENTY authors, including myself of course, are participating in a Blog Hop hosted by the Ghostess with the Mostess, Melissa Snark!! Here are the big prizes:

(1) $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

If you click on the banner above OR CLICK HERE, you can follow the hop for more fun, great books, and awesome prizes! Below is also the link list to all the participants. The hop is happening OCTOBER 26-31st!!! You have all week long to participate.

Don't forget to enter my drawing below OR do more sharing to earn more entries. TWO winners to receive Books 1 & 2 of my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles in audiobook format at the end of this week, just in time for Halloween!! Scroll down to enter the drawing AND participate in the rest of the hop spots!! Good luck!!

Halloween Day Drink #1 – Bloody Brain Shooters


Now, because this IS the official day of Halloween – even though we've been trick-or-treating and celebrating all week – I wanted to include two things that I think were missing from the recipes I've shared: Gross & Mad Scientist-like for the grand finale!

This recipe is for those who LOVE a nasty Halloween. Not sure I'm going to try this one myself. I mean…look at that picture! It really does look like brains floating on the top of that shot. YUCK!! Who is brave enough to give this one a try?? *shudder*

As you know, these drinks are courtesy of the party animals over at the HGTV website!! 

Bloody Brain Shooters


1 1/4 oz. strawberry vodka such as Stoli
1/8 oz. Rose's lime juice
3/4 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
splash of grenadine


Chill vodka for better smoothness. Add vodka and lime juice to a shaker; shake, then strain into a shot glass. Using a straw, dip some Bailey's Irish Cream into the shot. Once you submerge the straw into the Bailey's, put your finger on top of the straw to hold the Bailey's in the straw. Dip the straw tip into the vodka and slowly release your top finger. The Bailey's buy accutane shipping will curdle a little bit due to the lime juice and you should be able to make strands of Bailey's.

Repeat the straw/Bailey's process to build a “brain” in the shot glass. Add a splash of grenadine to the concoction to add the “blood” to the mix. Down the hatch as a shot!

Halloween Day Drink #2 – Mr. Hyde Potion


And for those of you who enjoy getting scary complicated with your drinks, try this potion! OMG the steps that go into this, the pictures, the methods. I would imagine you would really feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen creating this concoction. (Heh heh…I said con-cock-tion. Remember: Arial = perv.) But DAHAM if it don't look pretty and fun to drink!

According to the site (click on the picture or the title link below, “This spirited Halloween drink might just be a life-changing experience. The potion is full of herbaceous flavors and a kick that will bring out the party monster in your guests.”

WARNING: This drink calls for dry ice chips. DO NOT SWALLOW OR LET YOUR SKIN COME IN CONTACT WITH THE DRY ICE. If you think this might be a problem, skip the dry ice. I do NOT want you spending tonight in the emergency room! Not worth it!

Mr. Hyde Potion


8 ounces vodka
4 ounces parfait amour liqueur
1 ounce blackberry liqueur
2 ounces tarragon simple syrup (recipe follows)
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
1 ounce lavender syrup, available at most liquor stores
4 lavender sprigs
8 blackberries
dry ice (optional) Note: Always observe dry ice safety measures: Never touch dry ice with bare skin and do not swallow.
purple sanding sugar for rim (optional)

Yield: 4 cocktails


Too much to include!! CLICK HERE to visit the actual page at HGTV for steps and pictures! But AFTER you've done your entries for the day. I don't want you to miss out on your last chance to enter the contests. Have fun!!! 

I hope you enjoyed the recipes all this week! You have until midnight tomorrow night (PST) to get your final entries in for the audiobooks. Winners will be chosen and announced before November 4th.


Post Your Own Experience!

If you try out any of the recipes, please post your comments on your experience here and leave any links where you posted pictures – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc!!

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

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