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I just recently completed a book cover for LaVerne Clark. Her new book AFFINITY is due for release soon and as an artist with The Wild Rose Press, I was assigned to do her cover. I'm so very happy to announce that I nailed the cover for the author! LaVerne posted it on the TWRP loop, her blog and on my blog how so very pleased she was with the work I did. Naturally, I'm overwhelmed by the attention and the gratitude. 😀

I encourage you to visit her blog and check out The Wild Rose Press for more romance stories. Here's the blurb on AFFINITY by LaVerne Clark:

In the wrong hands, Jenna Thomas's legacy could be a curse. In her mind it already is.

As a child, a routine buy ativan cyprus x-ray awakened an abnormality in Jenna's DNA giving her the ability to “call” creatures and take on their attributes. Labeled a freak since then, Jenna's learned to keep everyone at a distance. But all that changes the day she saves a young boy from drowning, and the story goes viral.

Nick Hawke, an off-duty policeman, witnesses part of the drama. Captivated by Jenna's exotic beauty, he decides to investigate, not sure what to believe. Jenna puts his cynicism to the test — even as the attraction between them grows.

As word of her extraordinary rescue spreads, a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to control Jenna's abilities draws near. With her feelings for Nick putting him in danger too, can Jenna risk everything to protect them both?

That's my two pence…

Arial 😉

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