Okay, I'm venting and the truth is I really don't hate technology. I'm just having major issues with it today. I have this AMAZING program called SWiSHMax 4 that is a 3rd-party Flash program which creates SWFs. Why use this and not Adobe Flash? Because  SWiSHMax 4 is a helluva lot easier to use AND it's a fraction of the cost. I use this program to create animated banners and book trailers with wonderful effects. Presently, I'm working on a book trailer for my awesome author friend, Brenda Hill and her up-and-coming release of WITH FULL MALICE.

So, what's my problem, then, if I have this kick-ass program? Unfortunately, I can't seem to export the audio I've added to my movie. I've got really neat sound effects and background music…and it won't buy ativan france export.

The last time I did this, I had to…

  1. Export the file as a silent FLA
  2. Import it into Adobe Flash
  3. Add the sound files manually AGAIN to specific frames
  4. THEN export it as an MPEG
  5. Then YouTube.com didn't like the MPEG, so…
  6. I had to find a program to convert the MPEG to an AVI.

*Stops to take a breath*

HOLY CRAP, I do NOT want to have to do all that again.

However, trying to find the right driver to capture the audio is turning out to be almost as complicated! If I can't solve this problem in the next day or so, I will have to resort to that tap-dance approach to get the darned movie in a format Brenda can use. GRRRRR…ARRRRGH!

BLAH! How's that for venting?

That's my two pence…

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