Midnight Eclipse – Price Change

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

Get Midnight Eclipse at 50¢ While You Can!

Thank you to those who pre-ordered Midnight Eclipse through my website. Just as a reminder for those who haven't pre-ordered it at the 50¢ price point, it will only be 50¢ for TODAY. Tomorrow it's going to $2.99 on my site. 

For Those Who Have Already Pre-ordered at 50¢…

For those who have not yet paid for their pre-order, it should still be at the 50¢ price point. IF IT IS NOT, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE. Let me know immediately! I want to be sure you still get it at the pre-order price. I'm not sure how this WooCommerce thingy works with pre-orders and price changes.

Also, the eBook will NOT automatically go to your eReader. You will have to download the file from you My Account page OR the link provided in the e-mail after you pay for your pre-order. Amazon Payments has been turned back on, but some people are still having problems. I can't apologize enough for the inconveniences!! 

Still Not Sure about Midnight Eclipse?

And if you're still not sure you want to get the book, here's a sneak peak – The Prologue and Chapter One…


PLEASE NOTE: You will still be able to pre-order Midnight Eclipse for 99¢ if you click the links below. However, that price will only be available until November 12th.

Pre-order still available for 99¢! CLICK THESE BUTTONS TO BUY NOW:



But that 99¢ price point will only last until November 12th, so ORDER NOW!

AND I'm giving away a signed set of Books 1-4 AND $100 Gift Card to TWO lucky winners!!! Enter here…



Jan. 1, 2015 – No More eBook Purchases at My Site

Throwing in the Towel - YUM!Due to all the problems with downloading eBook files, putting them on devices and the overwhelming customer service requests that came through during the purchasing of eBooks and pre-orders through my website, I've thrown in the towel. It's just me running my website and managing all this. Though as a whole it isn't too bad, buy nolvadex generic when piled on top of writing, deadlines, running the podcast (which I'm also dropping), and just day-t0-day activities, it was too much for me to handle. GAWD! Don't you wish you could be 5 people at once? There are so many things I would love to do, but my writing has to come first. As such…

Effective January 1st, I will no longer be offering eBooks through my website. You will still be able to purchase signed print copies and I'll be adding some vampire merchandise to the catalogue (like the vampire coasters). HOWEVER, I still want to provide VIP Club pricing for my devoted fans as a benefit. I might be able to offer special pricing through my website by using coupon codes with Smashwords…but I have to research this option. You would make the purchase here, and then I would give you a one-time only coupon code with Smashwords.

Right now you can get Midnight Conquest for FREE through the vendors listed above. Amazon, B&N and iTunes will deliver right to your device, so that's much easier for you guys. Once the Les Petites Morts short stories are no longer on KDP select, I'll be providing coupons through Smashwords as the freebies. So come January (heh heh…I said come), I'll be changing the website offerings up a bit and the VIP Club FREEBIES page will get some new links.

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during my trial period of selling books through my site. Though I would definitely earn more money through this venue, YOUR convenience is more important to me and getting your books loaded directly onto your devices is MUCH easier and perhaps worth the extra 49¢ you'd pay through the vendors.

That's my two pence and I hope you enjoy MIDNIGHT ECLIPSE!

Arial 😀

2 thoughts on “Midnight Eclipse – Price Change

  1. Help! I went to pay for the book I had pre-ordered at 50 cents and my stupid Paypal was being difficult. I finally cancelled the order at the Paypal site – assuming I would return to your website and simply be able to pay another way – but my whole Pre-order is CANCELLED! EEEEEEEEEP!

    Help – is there any way you can reinstate my original order or put a new one in for the 50 cent pre-order price? I can easily pay with a credit card on the site instead of PayPal once the order is good to go again.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    Heather Hand (hhand @ sasktel. net)

    1. Hey, Heather! First, I am so sorry for all the problems. Let’s see if I can resolve this for you.

      I’ve changed the order status to “pending payment”, so you should be able to choose whatever payment option you want. Let me know if you still have problems.

      Again, I’m sooooo sorry! Thanks for being patient!

      Arial 😀

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