Midnight Eclipse – NOW AVAILABLE!

Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles


Thank you for your patience! Midnight Eclipse should now be available for download for those of you who pre-ordered. I'll see if I can send out a reminder e-mail. I kinda screwed things up with not moving the pre-order date in my own system, so some people received the notification e-mail earlier than I wanted. Hopefully, I'm not going to send out more than one e-mail! Yeah…this process is soooo not working. Next release will be exclusively through the online retailers. No more buying books through my website. So sorry for the inconveniences anyone has experienced through me testing out this process.


PLEASE NOTE: The price on my website will go up to $2.99 on November 6th! You will still be able to pre-order Midnight Eclipse for 99 cents if you click the links below. However, that price will only be available until November 12th.

Pre-order by clicking on these buy buttons – only 99 cents:



But that 99 cent price point will only last until November 12th, so ORDER NOW!

AND I'm giving away a signed set of Books 1-4 AND $100 Gift Card to TWO lucky winners!!! Enter here…

8 thoughts on “Midnight Eclipse – NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Hi!

    When will Midnight Eclipse be sent out to the e-readers of those people who have pre-ordered??
    I ordered my copy on October 18th and it has not downloaded yet. Will it still be 11/7 or 11/11 before I will get it?

    Thank You.

    Charie Eagle

    1. Hey, Charie!!

      Unfortunately, when you buy through my website, the eBooks cannot be sent to the eReaders. You have to download the file from the e-mail you received OR from your “My Account” page. Then you have to install it on your eReader manually. This is one major reason why I’m not going to be selling eBooks through my site anymore. Too hard for you guys to get my books onto your devices. 🙁

      I have some info on my FAQs page, though, that might help out: http://www.arialburnz.com/faqs-2/

      Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

  2. I love how sexy they always are whether it be a man and a woman. That they stay young and healthy in appearance. And depending on the series all the cool things they can do, whether is be the speed at which they can move. that they can trace to where ever they want to go, fly, read peoples minds, and be all tough to everyone but the woman they love!

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