Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles – The Tour Continues

Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles – The Tour Continues

Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles – Name Before the Masses Book Tour!

Virtual Book Tour with Goddess Fish PromotionsI just finished my first official Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles Virtual Book Tour with the lovely ladies at Goddess Fish Promotions!! Now we're doing another tour that doesn't require quite as much attention from me, as I'll be busy next month with a slew of other things – like the RomanceNovel Convention and working on my audio books for my series. This tour will go from July 19 – September 16. Just like the last tour, I'm giving away prizes and swag, so be sure to leave comments at every stop to increase your chances of winning! Here are the stops for the Name Before the Masses Book Tour:

Character Appearances

Broderick MacDougal - Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles - catch him on the virtual book tour!
Broderick “Rick” MacDougal

Broderick MacDougal and Angus Campbell are really enjoying the Internet and connecting with all you ladies out there!! And there's a little bit of a rivalry going on. Leave a comment for these immortal Scottish rogues and you just might hear from them.

Angus Campbell - catch him on the virtual book tour!
Angus Campbell

Remember, though, they're at the whim of the sunset and rumor has it they're in the UK and Europe during the virtual book tour, so at least the time zones will work pretty well for connecting with these HOT Scottish Vampires. (Okay, I don't know about you, but Rick just gets my heart pumpin' and my kitty purrin'!!!)

James Knightly (Model: David Gandy)
James Knightly

James Knightly finally came out to play! And he's mortal, so he can come out to play anytime. 😉 The ladies – Davina and Cailin – are available, too, so don't be afraid to leave them a comment. Looking forward to interacting with all of you on the Virtual Book Tour with Goddess Fish Promotions.NBtM-Bonded-By-Blood-Banner That's my two pence… Arial 😉

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3 thoughts on “Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles – The Tour Continues

    1. AWESOMESAUCE!!! So excited to hear you’re enjoying the series, Kelly!! I’m doing the research for Book 4 right now. Be sure to join my mailing list so you’ll get notified when the next book is out.

      *Does the Snoopy dance*

      Arial 😉

  1. The tour has finally come to a close (Whew! That was a long one) and I have the winners for the entire tour:

    Overall Commenter Winner for the $15 Gift Card – Andra Lynn
    Blog Host Winner – Straight from the Library

    Individual Blog Winners (Commenters) for eBook short story & swag:
    Danita Minnis Blog – BN100
    Christine Young Romance Writer – Kate
    Crazy Four Books – Andra Lynn
    Musing and Ramblings – Shelley Summers
    Words of Wisdome from the Scarf Princess – Mary Preston
    Unabridged Andra – Amer (VampedChik)
    Andi’s Book Reviews – Valerie R
    Straight from the Library – Only 2 people commented, so they both win – Mary Preston & Eva Millien
    It’s Raining Books – Rita Wray
    Long and Short Reviews – BN100

    I’ll be contacting each of the winners via e-mail. Congratulations and thank you sooooo much for hanging in there for this long tour.


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