UPDATE: Midnight Redemption ARCs Are Out!

UPDATE: Midnight Redemption ARCs Are Out!

SQUEEEEE!! ARCs (Advance Review Copies) are now in the hands of my Review Team.

The print version has been formatted and I'm waiting to get the final feedback from my beta readers for some of the mistakes they may have caught. Once those are in, I'll upload the final version and order the proof copy of the book to be sure it's printing well and no mess-ups.

The beauty of having the print version ready before the eBook is my Reviewers will actually have somewhere they can leave their reviews. Normally, when an eBook is up for pre-order, no reviews can be posted on Amazon. Although they can be posted on GoodReads. But my Reviewers won't need to post it one place, then wait until the eBook release to post their reviews. They can do it once and they're done.

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