10 Ways a Writer Can Take Advantage of Today’s Technology

This blog post is packed with resources for writers all because technology today makes it possible! Be sure to click on all the links…there may be resources and information you’ve never known about that could be the one thing/tip/resource to launch your writing career. And bookmark the ones you love!

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[fiction] friday post – 01/07/2011

Another installment of [Fiction] Friday – Challenge #189 for Jan 7th, 2011: “Your character wakes in a circus tent. They are wearing baggy pink pants and a polka-dot frilled shirt. A midget in a strong man outfit is shaking them awake asking if they are all right. Now keep writing.”

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“Lay vs. Lie (vs. Laid)” – GREAT Question!!

In Brian A. Kelms’ Writer’s Digest Blog “Questions & Quandaries” He explains when to use the word “lay” versus “lie” versus “laid” and even “lain”.

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