Scorcher Blog Tour – Things That Make You Go “Oooooooooh!” – Part 4

Hey, peeps! I’ve got some mad love for those of you who’ve stayed with me this far. Mad Love!

Food and sex. Sounds like the makings for a sticky situation…yes? Well, I suppose if you and your honey buns decide to frolick in a large vat of chocolate, then yes, sticky would be the least of your problems. But, what I’m referring to is the wonderful ability of certain foods to enhance your desire and propel those lusty thoughts you’ve been harboring for your significant other into action.  I’ve touched a bit on this subject in previous blog posts, but thought I’d go over it again here, and list the top 10 foods that serve as aphrodisiacs. Some of these foods you’ll probably agree with. Others I think will surprise you.

  1. Asparagus– the vitamins and minerals in this green veggie are said to help boost histamine production, which aids in achieving orgasm. Interesting. Yummy vegetable. Too bad it makes your pee smell!
  2. Amonds– the scent is supposed to arouse the female senses. Hmmm….
  3. Avacado– Um…yeah. Something about the way this fruit hangs in pairs and resembles a set of testicles…
  4. Bananas– Hee hee. This one is easy. Try making eye contact with your sweetie while taking a bite of this phallic fruit.
  5. Basil– The herbs pleasing scent is supposed to stir your senses and rev your engines. Not sure about this one, but I do love it in salads and sammies.
  6. Chocolate– Okay…now we’re talking. This delicious treat contains anandamide (a feel good compound) and phenylethylamine, a chemical that releases dopamine in the “pleasure center” of the brain before and during orgasm. Bring on the chocolate!
  7. Figs– One of the oldest recorded fruits, this baby is rich with history. I’ve never had a fig, so I can’t speak for its taste, scent, or anything else.
  8. Garlic– Um…really? According to my source, it’s rich in allicin, which aids in blood flow. Good blood flow is kinda essential during shmexy times, so brush, floss and keep some gum nearby?
  9. Oysters– Okay, blegh! I’ve never understood this one. Those slimy-suckers-from-the-sea remind me of a bad cold. They’re supposedly good for increasing sperm count and raising your libido. Personally, I’ll pass…gag!
  10. Honey– Oh, so sticky and sweet, honey contains Boron, a mineral that fuels the sex drive and orgasm in both buy nolvadex com australia sexes. My suggestion: run a bubble bath before you get your honey on.

More information about the Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods can be found here.

Halley, the heroine in Obsessed, owns a bakery. Girlfriend loves food, and you can bet your butt there are some smokin’ hot scenes involving a certain chocolate dipped fruit. You’ll have to continue on to the next blog for the teaser!

What did you think of the list of foods above? Which ones did you agree with, and which food had you surprised?

Leave a comment on this blog, as well as the other five blogs on the Scorcher Tour to be entered to win a free PDF copy of my erotic suspense, Obsessed. The winner’s name will then be forwarded into a final drawing at the end of the tour for a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate.

Book blurb

The victim of both a brutal attempted rape and now a serial stalking, Halley Davis is broken, and desperate to glue the shattered pieces of her life back together. Tormented by a psychopath and battling a heavy dose of anxiety, sex and dating are the last things on Halley’s anxiety-ridden mind. That is, until she meets the man who rescued her from the hands of a would-be rapist. With a body made for sin, a wicked, sexy tattoo and an aura that screams “badass,” her rescuer not only calms the storm of terror raging inside her mind, he ignites a passion within her she’s never known before.

Tired of using meaningless sex to drown out the horrors of his past, Nick Ackart has sworn off women. In fact, if women were classified as meat, his ass is Vegan. Despite his determination to remain unattached, Nick is unable to stay away from the emerald-eyed beauty he rescued from a sadistic pervert. Immersed in a tangled web of sexual desire and deep emotion he was certain was long dead, he vows to protect Halley from the monster hounding her, even though he stands to lose his heart in the process.

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4 thoughts on “Scorcher Blog Tour – Things That Make You Go “Oooooooooh!” – Part 4

  1. I must say some of the foods surprised me. Asparagus? Garlic? Definitely not if your man is a vamp, lol. Other foods are good, chocolate and honey especially. The only oysters I every tried were fried (alright, not a fave). So I guess we should all be eating chocolate covered almonds and drinking something with alot of honey in it.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  2. I was a bit surprused about some of the foods you listed. Garlic was a real shocker! Also-asparagus. There is nothing better than chocalate covered strawberries, or better yet, this simple recipe: Cool Whip spread liberally over your lovers choice of your body part, then lick (that’s obviously your lover’s job first, then switch places!)
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

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