New Web Site Up!

Woot! I just finished revamping my web site! Check it out:

Whew! I've been dabbling with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for a few years and never really got down to designing my own CSS web site…this was my first. As I've gone through designing the whole site, I realize a lot of things I could have done to streamline the coding, but hey…it's my first attempt.

For those of you who are not familiar with what CSS is…putting it simply, it's coding your site in a way that allows you to make changes to the entire site by changing just a few elements. For example…in a regular HTML web site, any kind of font style you want to assign to a particular heading or a block of text would require (for the most part) you to highlight the text, assign attribute (i.e., bold, italic, times new roman font, red text color, etc.). And you would have to do that with every bit of text you have…highlight, change attributes…next section of text…highlight, change attributes…and so it goes.

With CSS, you assign a “tag” to the text in general – like a heading, or a paragraph – and then in the CSS code file, you assign the attributes there via coding. The set up is similar with CSS and HTML…however, not only is the code cleaner, but if I wanted to make a change to the text attributes, I would NOT have to go back through my document highlighting, changing, highlighting, changing…etc. I would just go into the css code document and change the attribute there only in one spot. The changes then automatically ripple…or cascade…across the entire site. Any text that has that “tag” attached to it will change automatically.

If you've ever used “Styles” in MS Word, it's the same concept. You assign a style and when you need to change it throughout your entire manuscript, you just change the attributes of the style. Voila! The whole document changes.

Do you know how to work with Styles in MS Word? If you don't, let me know! Perhaps I can post some quick tutorials (they'll be simpler than my description of CSS above, which is a little more complicated) or provide links to some resources.

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

That's my two pence…

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