Fiction Friday Post – September 24th, 2010

Wow! Been a very long time since I participated in my favorite online writing exercise. Been busy with getting married and trying to find a job (collecting unemployment right now). In between all that, we're trying to start our own businesses and make some money from home doing creative stuff. I'll list our web sites below so you can see what we offer and perhaps we can provide something you need!

Now that I'm dedicating more of my time to my own writing, I will do what I can to include “Write Everything“s Fiction Friday a little more often. But on to the Fiction Friday Post for 9/24/2010:

Use this lyric from Shore Leave to flavour your story: “Hong Kong drizzle on Cuban heels”

~ You don’t need to know or even hear the song – just use that lyrical imagery.

Well, this will be interesting….here goes…starting the 5-minute timer…..


hong-kong-fish-marketI pulled my raincoat around my throat closer, trying to stave off the cold, wet day that pounded my head. How I ended up in Hong Kong was beyond me, but I didn't have time to ponder what got me here. I needed to find that damned street which, hopefully, would lead me to the answers I needed about my father's death.

As my eyes darted over the scrawlings of Chinese on the neon signs lighting up the bustle of the market I went through, I eyed a large white woman buy tamoxifen nz nestled into a dark doorway…an odd sight in the midst of so many Asian faces around me. The dirty and torn t-shirt on her hunched figure said, “Kiss Me I'm Irish” and she averted her eyes from me and studied her suddenly-interesting shoes. I chuckled to myself as her shoes and this rainy day of my locale summoned the strange lyrics from the Shore Leave song…”Hong Kong drizzle on Cuban heels.” The amusement died quickly as a the hairs on the back of my neck prickled, sending chills over my arms. A white woman in this town would probably have more hungry eyes for someone like me…a white woman amongst the crowd of Asians…just like it did for me. Why did she divert her eyes?

I ducked into a fishy-smelling store, my heart pounding, and spun around to watch the doorway. The large white woman walked past looking into the shop, and in that instant I saw the flush on her face that she'd been caught. She continued in her direction down the street. Peering out after her, I watched as she….


OH CRAP! That's the end of the five minutes!!! Damn this time passes by so quickly! I will say, these exercises have been great in helping me come to the point and build suspense mucho fast! If you liked this edition of Fiction Friday, please CLICK TO TWEET &/or SHARE ON FACEBOOK.

Thank you!

Arial 😉



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