[Fiction] Friday – A Failed Proposal

Here again, for another installation of the weekly challenge on the Write Anything blog…[Fiction] Friday. I have five (5) minutes to write about…

A Failed Proposal

His head in his hands, despair moving over his whole body and soul, he couldn't believe she'd said no. He looked to the sky and cursed the Gods above. He couldn't believe he'd actually asked her! What was he possibly thinking? How could someone as successful and intelligent as she possibly consider his proposal? He had stepped way out of his league on this one! Wiping the tears from his face and mumbling words of disgust to himself at such a pathetic display, he gathered up the papers before him, strewn about in his emotional outburst, and pulled himself together. This wasn't the end of the world. There would be other opportunities. And perhaps, if he played his cards right and made the necessary efforts to improve himself, he could even approach her again. Hopefully, he hadn't burned that bridge.

Thomas looked at the presentation on his laptop, the final slide still alight on the screen before him, trying to drag him down again. NO! He closed the presentation. He'll look at it again tomorrow, or even the next day. Let him get over this setback first. Then he would make the necessary changes and look for other prospects.

She wasn't the only possible investor. There were plenty of other people out there willing to put their money into his venture. He had great ideas! Straightening his tie, he closed the laptop case, filed away the rest of his presentation for his business proposal and strutted out of the conference room with confidence.

There ya have it! Hope you enjoyed it!!

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5 thoughts on “[Fiction] Friday – A Failed Proposal

  1. . . . Been waiting for this all week . . OK – So – I wanted a marriage proposal to be rebuffed. . . and it’s a powerpoint. A Business plan. I’m crushed. Wait! That’s why it so totally works. Not only was Thomas crushed – so was I. Well done. I got into his character in a second. Never being good enough. . . story of a billion lives. Thanks

  2. I have SO been there, right there with Thomas, so many times, left, alone, staring at a powerpoint. In the end, that’s probably why I didn’t propose to my wife using PowerPoint. Well, maybe that’s one of the reasons.

    Anyway, nice work. I felt every word of it.

  3. LOL – thanks for the comments. I hope it’s clear that it was actually a business proposal to a prospective investor…leading people at the beginning to THINK it was a marriage proposal. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post!

    Arial ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. encapsulated the crushed feelings beautifully. A business propsal is very like a relationship – it becomes so personal. the emotional ups and downs of sales.. ahhh so glad I left it… thanks for sharing..

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