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Celebrating 1 Week!

AB_BBB_VIPCoupon02The coupon code to the right is good for any signed trade paperbacks on my site. Code: VIP-SPB Save this code! You can use it every time you shop at my site. That's right! You will always get $5 off every trade paperback you buy on my site as long as you're a VIP Club Member! Imagine…you'll get $20 off your order if you buy four trade paperbacks! But check your order before you pay just to be sure!

Due to complications with downloading eBooks directly from my website, I had to change my eBook coupons to be used through Smashwords. As I write more books, I will be adding more codes:

Here are some other important points about using the coupon codes:

  • The codes for this site and Smashwords are NOT case-sensitive
  • On this site, the dash in the middle is important (dash -, not underscore _ )
  • You apply your coupon code when you check-out. There should be a small text box available both here and at Smashwords.
  • If you have more than one coupon code to apply, just enter the code, click the “Apply Coupon” button, then rinse and repeat!
  • On my site, since the code applies to all trade paperbacks, you should ONLY have to apply the code ONCE…even if you add other products to your cart AFTER you've already applied your code. The discounts should automatically apply to the new products you've added if they qualify for the discount.

I will contact you via e-mail about your inscription if you purchase a trade paperback from my site. This coupon code does NOT apply to any other website but my own ( and is for VIP Club members only. If you'd like to share the discount, please ask your friends/family to become a VIP Club member (it's free) so they can get the codes and all the other benefits of being a member. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you. However, I am new to downloading other than on amazon. Which option would I download to put on my kindle? thank you again.

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