Smart Phone Backgrounds – Broderick MacDougal in the Flesh


This week's freebies are cell phone backgrounds for most smartphone types. They feature the smaller versions of Broderick MacDougal in the Flesh desktop wallpapers. I used the background from the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles book covers, with the very popular quote “I want the taste of you on my soul,” by Broderick MacDougal from Midnight Captive.

Desktop Background - I want the taste of you on my soul

How to Download and Use Background:

Results for devices may vary!! Hopefully, these instructions will coach you through the process…

  1. Tap on the file of your choice above. A new tab/window should open.
  2. Tap and HOLD on the image that appears. You should be prompted to save the picture to your device. You might even have the option to select it as your wallpaper or lock-screen image. If you saved it…
  3. Change your background image by going into your phone settings to change the background of your device screen. (Please see your phone's user guide for instructions – too many phones to link them here.)

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