Desktop Wallpaper – Sunset Over the North Sea


In Midnight Captive, the hero James Knightly catches the heroine Cailin MacDougal by surprise by his sudden approach:

Sliding up beside her, he touched her elbow to catch her attention. She twirled to face him with that heart-breaking grin. The smile faltered when she saw who addressed her, fading to a memory on her full lips. James stepped closer and pressed his mouth to her ear. “Your smile is more radiant than a sunset over the North Sea.” He pulled back to gaze into her cerulean eyes. “Pray do not let it diminish in my presence.” Her lips parted in surprise and the doe eyes of the young girl he’d once known stared up at him. The grin returned and she gave him a saucy bump with her hip. “It seems school taught you to use more than blades, Master James. Such a silver tongue you wield to coax a smile from me!” Thankfully, she wheeled away before he could remark about what else he would coax from her with his tongue.


RAWR!! Our hero is pretty feisty when it comes to his lady fair. And she has the spunk to match! order valium online uk This month's freebie is a beautiful photograph of a sunset over the North Sea with the quote James said to Cailin. To download your copy of the wallpaper for your computer follow the instructions below. RadientAsTheNorthSea_1366x1024_th

How to Download and Use Background:

  1. Left Mouse Click on the file of your choice above (it should open the file in a new tab/window so you don't lose your place here).
  2. Right Mouse Click on the image, and from the context menu that pops up, select “Save image as…” (or similar phrasing depending on your browser).
  3. Save File in a location where you can easily find it or wherever you normally store desktop background images (also depending on your browser, you may have to name the file something more recognizable than “download.jpg”).
  4. How to use your new wallpaper image varies depending on your operating system. Here are some instructions…

11 thoughts on “Desktop Wallpaper – Sunset Over the North Sea

    1. Hi, Sherley!

      I believe these images will work on the iPad, too, but there might be a little cropping on the sides, especially when you swing your iPad from portrait to landscape. You can download these images and also try the smartphone versions as well to see which works best. Here’s a link to a video that might help with how to set your iPad’s wallpaper:

      I hope that helps!!

      Arial 😀

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