Desktop Wallpaper – Misty Road to Kostbar


In Midnight Hunt, Broderick MacDougal is about to embark upon a new chapter in his life and is treading upon strange and unknown territory:

He wiped his face and paced a few steps before sighing and studying the empty road to the village. The fog from the North Sea crept onto the land and wove through the trees bordering the path, obscuring his view.

His wandering had led him here. He would see this through. If Davina wasn’t there and if these were more lies, then he would put this damned prophecy and his grief behind him and head back to Scotland. But if the prophetess was right…

Broderick’s heart hammered in his chest with a hope he’d not felt in almost a century. Could it be? Will she know me? Will she remember our love? He shook his head. “I am mad.”

Nothing, not even death, will keep me from loving you…my spirit will pursue you until the end of time. Together forever.

“Eternally yours,” he responded to his heart’s desire, and stomped down the path toward Kostbar.

Road to Kostbar  - thumbnailAdmittedly, Midnight Hunt begins with a very heart-wrenching scene, but Broderick is on the road toward a new hope…even if it is a bit scary.

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    1. There you go, Brooke!! Again, sorry about that! I think I copied the Midnight Captive page over to save myself from having to rewrite the download instructions and then forgot to finish the job. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

    1. You are very welcome!!! I’m so glad people are actually downloading the graphics. I wasn’t sure. AND I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the books!!! Working on #5 now!!! Woo hoo!!! Thanks again!

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