BBB Mask Desktop Wallpaper


Black background with the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles vampire masks, decorated with swirls and black roses. Has a popular quote from Broderick MacDougal: “I want the taste of you on my soul.” Said to his wife Davina in Midnight Captive.

  • BBB01_1366x768 – For the more widescreen monitor. Will fit sizes 1024 x 576 up to 1366 x 768.
  • BBB01_1365x1024 – For the more “square-shaped” monitor. Will fit sizes 1024 x 768 up to 1365 x 1024.

BBB01_1024x768_thHow to Download and Use Background:

  1. Left Mouse Click on the file of your choice above and a new tab/window should open.
  2. Right Mouse Click on the image that appears and from the context menu that pops up, select “Save image as…” (or similar phrasing depending on your browser).
  3. Save File in a location where you can easily find it or wherever you normally store desktop background images.
  4. Instructions for various operating systems…

17 thoughts on “BBB Mask Desktop Wallpaper

    1. You might be able to use it on your iPad, but I think it’s too big for your iPhone. I haven’t made a smartphone version of this design, but I can try to include it in the future. 😀

  1. I do all my email and reading on my cell phone and kindle, so unfortunately I will missed this back ground, but still wanted to say thank you!

    1. Hi, Buffy!!

      I totally understand and you’ve just brought to my attention that I don’t believe I’ve made a cellphone version of this background! SHAME ON ME!!! I will get that fixed soon and then I’ll let you know when I’ve posted it. Thanks for letting me know! And you’re welcome for the background anyway.

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