Legend of the Tooth Faeries

Fairy Tale – The Legend of the Tooth Faeries

A fairy tale for the young reader! How did the Tooth Faery start collecting our baby teeth and leaving behind treasures? This delightful fairy tale takes us back to that first child who began this tradition and why we have continued it until today. This picture book is intended as a bedtime story or for young readers.

Genre/Category: fairy tale, young reader, bedtime story
Status: Manuscript drafted – artwork commissioned

Fairy Tale Artwork

A fairy tale isn't much without winning images. I'm pretty excited about the artists I've commissioned to do this particular tale. Unholy Vault is their name and they create beautiful fantasy and gothic art that is just breathtaking! I can't wait to get started on this story! You may recognize more of their artwork on my site. I used their unicorn in my header and the inviting love seat on the home page.

Author's Note

My husband and I do artwork on wooden objects as a hobby. We create wooden jewelry boxes with velvet pillows designed especially for children to leave their baby teeth for the Tooth Faeries. In these Tooth Faery boxes, I thought it would be wonderful to include a tiny scroll that talked about the original tooth faery legend. However, when I did my research, I found one particular¬†story (which I can't seem to find now…grrrr!) took place in France in the 14th century…and it was HORRIBLE! It's a story about a queen who is married to an evil king and the queen makes a deal with a fairy to get back at her husband. So the fairy turns into a mouse, crawls under the king's pillow and kicks his teeth out at night when he sleeps! Not many of the other originating myths are any better. There was no way I wanted to include those rotten stories in my boxes, so I created my own story…thus was born “The Legend of the Tooth Faeries.”

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