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Christine Davies – Children Fantasy Author

One of the main goals I aim to achieve in my fantasy tales for young people is to encourage them to foster their imaginations. Sometimes believing is seeing. I'm a firm advocate of the philosophy that we can only achieve what we want if we dare to dream. We can hardly strive for what we dream if our imagination is stifled. Art, humanties, literature, drama…all of these subjects are being whittled out of the school systems, thereby limiting the minds of our children. Understanding the creative side of the human soul–letting fantasy reign in our hearts–helps us understand that we are more than just a number, a head count, a statistic. We are creative creatures and we can only thrive when we let our spirits soar!

I grew up on fantasy fiction. Our bedtime stories consisted of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and Edith Hamilton's renditions of Mythology, among other such wonderfully magical pieces of literature. These tales inspired me to write poetry, craft stories of fantasy adventures and delve into Role-Playing Games (RPG) books and now online games. (Yes, I still love to play video/computer games.) Now as a writer, I am able to share the adventures of my imagination with the world. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I do writing them! For my children's and young adult (YA) books, I write under the name Christine Davies.


C.G. Henderson – Young Adult Fantasy Author

My husband DeWayne has always been very helpful by brainstorming my stories and working out any plot difficulties I've had while writing. He makes me think of things I would never have come up with on my own and contributes immensely to the worlds I create and the conflict in which I throw my characters. This working relationship has no only been so precious to me because I haveanotherreason to enjoy spending time with my husband, it has also developed into a joint venture. What originally started out at a story I crafted in high school (Dragon's Claw) has spawned into an entire series of young adult novels in a fantasy, steampunk environment. Since this project was just a joint creation, we're going to release the series under the author name of C.G. Henderson. C = Charles – my husband's first name; G = Gina, my real name; and Henderson, our last name. We thought it was very H.G. Wells sounding! The premise for each novel can be found under the Young Adult section of the web site and it's called The Keystone Chronicles.

It is our sincerest hope that this will not be the only project we'll be writing together. We already have ideas whirling in our heads like churning gears for new story ideas and other books!


Q: Why do you use different pen names?

A:  Many people–adult and younger readers–associate certain expectations when they become familiar with an author's name. As such, these expectations tend to carry from one book to the next. To avoid confusion and possible misunderstandings, I use Christine Davies for all of “G-rated” stories. Parents and young people can come to trust and expect that stories written by Christine Davies will be filled with adventure and totally avoid anything inappropriate for such young eyes. C.G. Henderson is the joint name my husband and I use for our Young Adult novels. And Arial Burnz is the pen name I use for more adult content and subject matter.

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