Treasured Dreams

Dreams…Fantasy or Real?

Aislynn Stergio and her mother Hera live a peaceful life working from home. Aislynn writes fantasy fiction and Hera is a painter. Though their artistic endeavors garner enough income to support their simple lifestyle, they long to travel the world and see the far-away locations of which Hera paints. When a mysterious buyer offers increasingly higher bids for one of Hera's dream paintings, they're overjoyed they just may get to travel after all! However, suspicions flare when the stranger inquires about other paintings Hera has painted from her dreams and immediately purchases them all.

The money is wonderful, but Aislynn's curious investigations uncover peculiar features in Hera's dream paintings. These paintings are not of fantasy locations from Hera's mind, but real places…and clues in each painted landscape point to hidden treasures. The opportunity to travel turns into a quest to learn the true meaning of Hera's dreams.

With the assistance of William and Scott Doyle – archeological father-and-son team – Aislynn and Hera follow the stranger's trail and discover it's more than just trinkets their mysterious buyer is after. Each item brings them closer to the truth and increasingly unravels a puzzle…connected to Hera's past and Aislynn's future.

Genre/Category: fantasy adventure, contemporary fantasy
Status: Concept Only – Subject To Changes
Flame Rating: 3 or 4 flames (visit “Adult Fiction” page for flame ratings chart)

Cover Art & Author Notes

This lovely little story came to mind when I was posting my mother's paintings on Pinterest. She does indeed paint from her dreams and the top-half of the cover mock-up is of one of her dream paintings – the Temple at Delphi. I thought…wouldn't it be neat if someone purchased Mom's paintings after seeing them posted on Pinterest!?! On the aforementioned painting, I did post it was from a dream…then the imagination took over. What if…(the infamous writer's question)…someone offered a bid for The Temple at Delphi…and it turned out the painting led this man on a treasure hunt…which led to me and Mom discovering her paintings led to treasures…which led to us trailing after this guy…which led to us meeting my husband (Scott) and Mom meeting a hunk her age that was a cross between William Petersen and Sean Connery (personally, I love this picture of Sir Sean)…and then that led to… Well, you get the idea. And so the story was born!

I anticipate this will be a serial collection, which will be split into several shorter/novella length stories with cliff-hangers at the end of each. So many books to write, so little time! I want to write faster!

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