War of the Hearts

Evanterra – In the Age of Separation – Fantasy Adventure Abounds!

This fantasy adventure has strong romantic elements with HOT love scenes, lots of dragons, proud centaurs, a faery king oozing with sensuality and swords.

Katima Halstone has lived a simple and sheltered life in the mountains of the Bellan Valley, learning the ways of magic and harnessing the powers of nature. She is a simple Magi. How can she be the only hope for their dying world? When the fierce Dragonlord Talon Allman arrives to bring her back to the Magi Council Fortress, nothing about magic or crafting in the mountains has prepared her for the perilous journey ahead of them–or for the effect that Talon has on her heart.

Bound by duty, Talon Allman, the mighty Dragonlord of the Fidelman Dragons, has the responsibility of protecting his Clan…and nothing more. Yet the captivating and mysterious Witch Katima, who is now in his care, has his mind wandering to forbidden places. She is a Magi. He is a non-magic human. The coupling of their two races is fatal, but he finds himself being helplessly drawn to her as he protects her.

When heritage, prophecy and magic collide, Katima and Talon find themselves caught up in a legacy of their own making that will alter the way their world exists and face challenges that even a forbidden love can overcome.


Genre/Category: fantasy adventure, high fantasy
Status: Concept Only – Subject To Changes
Flame Rating: 4 or 5 flames (visit “Adult Fiction” page for flame ratings chart)

Cover Mockup

Creating mockups of my book covers inspires me to see my novels finished and on the shelves! The dragons on this cover are from an amazing artist named Linda M. Pitman (a.k.a. SheBlackDragon) and I encourage you to visit her web site to see more of her spectacular work! I used a backdrop of a valley and changed the coloring to give it the feeling of the beautiful countryside ravaged by war. We'll see what cover the publisher REALLY gives my book when I get a contract, but this is what I envision for now.

Author's Note

War of the Hearts is actually birthed from a dream I had in October 2008. The dream was so real, compelling and interesting, I had to write it down. Over the two days following the dream, my husband and I brainstormed a bit of the backstory, which I also wrote down, but I let it sit there, thinking, “I have Midnight Conquest revisions to work on. I'll revisit this fantasy adventure later.” In December 2008, I had a day where I was stranded without my thumbdrive, where I keep my current writing projects, and I wanted to be productive. I decided that since I had the time, I'd work a little on the storyline for the fantasy adventure dream I had a couple of months ago. WOW! Within three days I had the majority of the storyline worked out with a tremendous backstory that will be absolutely delightful to relay during the love story and all the adventure. However, as the story is progressing through further brainstorming with my husband, what started out as a fantasy romance has turned into a fantasy adventure series that focuses less on the love story and is accumulating more characters with possible side-stories for them!

I am a fan of Terry Goodkind‘s Sword of Truth series, which is also classified as fantasy adventure, but it has very strong romantic elements. The love of Richard and Kahlan is intregal to the plot of the story. However, the heart of the tale is Richard's discovery of who he really is and Kahlan plays a key role in that discovery. I can only aspire to reach the quality of Mr. Goodkind's story crafting.

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