The Dagger & The Sheath

New Mexico Territory – Late 1800s* – Fantasy Adventure with Romantic Elements

This fantasy adventure has strong romantic elements with HOT love scenes, parnormal mysteries and good ol' fashioned action.

Emerald Quinn and her father have worked hard to keep their land – and what's left of their family – in one piece. People don't take kindly to half-breeds and the Irish-Indian wildcat has learned to trust the accuracy of the blades at her hips to survive. But daggers are useless against the dangerously handsome man she must share her land with who threatens to penetrate her defenses and steal her heart.

The murder of Karl Hoffman’s father brings him reluctantly out West. He must reclaim his half of the property that his father died for and which tore his family apart. However, sharing the land with the dagger-toting wildcat, Emmy, definitely makes the journey interesting. This this raven-haired temptation has a tongue as sharp as her daggers and etting close to her is a challenge he's anxious to pursue.

Fate binds both Emerald and Karl together through a Norse myth and there's more at stake than just saving their land from repossession. They hold the key to this ancient legend and its legacy which may not only save their love, but their lives.

Genre/Category: fantasy adventure, paranormal, norse mythology
Status: Concept Only – Subject To Changes
Flame Rating: 4 or 5 flames (visit “Adult Fiction” page for flame ratings chart)

Author's Note

(<–Fun time mocking up more covers!!!) THE DAGGER & THE SHEATH was a fantasy adventure romance I cooked up before Bonded By Blood demanded my attention. Though I haven't been actively writing the story just yet, I have been picking at it through the years, adding depth and subplots, gathering research and writing a few scenes here and there. I'm very excited about this fantasy adventure that takes place around the settling of the Western United States! Research on this book has brought me to a wonderful place of learning about the Zuni Native Americans, their many talents and artwork. A puebloan people, they're a very small tribe that has made it through the centuries with a rich history.

I spent three-and-a-half years in Germany and fell in love with their language and their culture. At the time I conceived this story, I was living in Germany and was interested in creating a western romance novel. Writing what I know, I decided to find a way to marry the two subject matters together and so THE DAGGER & THE SHEATH was born. Germany is such a fun place to visit!! CLICK HERE to read an article of 100 Best Things to do in Germany.

Keep checking back for updates!

*Still doing research on exact year this story should take place

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