Promo Graphics


I've had many readers ask if they can help me promote my books on social media, so here are some images I've created to help with that.

  1. Just click any image below and it should open in a new tab or window.
  2. Then right-click (CTRL + Click on a Mac) on the image
  3. From the context menu that appears, select “Save Image As…” or similar wording (depending on your browser)
  4. The image should be saved on your klonopin online canada computer and you can use it in Social Media by adding a picture to your post

I'll add more images as I create them. Thank you in advance for helping me spread the word about my books!!

Complete Series/Multiple Books


mailing-list-logo BBB01-05_front BBB01-05_box-promo BBB01-05_box

Fun Stuff

BBB-525x250_my-vamps-dont-sparkle LostTeddyBear02

Rick-book-boyfriend02-Arial-Burnz Rick-book-boyfriend01-Arial-Burnz BBB-birthday  Henry-Ford-quote HappyHumpDay-Arial-Burnz OMG-kitten-vip-club

Midnight Conquest – Book 1

 Midnight Conquest - New Cover  BBB01_audiobook eReader-BBB01

Twitter-promo-BBB01Audiobook03 Twitter-promo-BBB01Audiobook02 Twitter-promo-BBB01Audiobook01

KTLA5-BBB01-psd KeepCalm_BBB01-audiobook

Midnight Captive – Book 2

BBB02_533x800 BBB02_audiobook

BBB02-525x250_taste-of-your-soul BBB02-525x250_dont-close-your-bodice

Midnight Hunt – Book 3



Midnight Eclipse – Book 4


KeepCalm_BBB04 DoNotDisturbReadingBBB04

Midnight Savior – Book 5

 BBB05-teaserquote02 BBB05-teaserquote01