List of VIP Club Freebies

Below is a list of all the freebies associated with each of my books. Look through the lists below and if you feel you missed the freebies, reply to the message I just sent you and let me know! You can copy-and-paste the message number and title (e.g., Message 3 – North Sea landscape smartphone background) if that makes it easier. Then I'll put you back into the line-up to start receiving that message and all messages that follow.

For example: If you want “Midnight Conquest – Message 3”, you'll receive message 3 containing the freebie for Book 1 and the following week, you should get Message 4. The following week, you'll be sent Message 1 of Book 2, and so on, getting the rest of the freebies on the lists each week.

Everyone who joins my list gets my Bonded By Blood novella Frostbitten Hearts and the first book in my vampire series, Midnight Conquest via InstaFreebie links. If you did NOT get those two eBooks, click here to claim them now –> Frostbitten Hearts | Midnight Conquest

Midnight Conquest – Book 1 Freebies

  • Message 1 – Vampire can you buy klonopin online Masks desktop wallpaper
  • Message 2 – Rick in the Flesh desktop wallpaper
  • Message 3 – Mystery Shoppers flash fiction (short-short story)
  • Message 4 – Rick in the Flesh smartphone background

Midnight Captive – Book 2 Freebies

  • Message 1 – free short story One To Die For (erotic horror)
  • Message 2 – North Sea landscape desktop wallpaper
  • Message 3 – North Sea landscape smartphone background
  • Ghost story bonus message with free short story Hot Rod Haunting (erotic horror)
  • Message 4 – Stonehenge desktop wallpaper & smartphone background

Midnight Hunt – Book 3 Freebies

  • Message 1 – Moonlit Forest in Germany desktop wallpaper
  • Message 2 – Moonlit Forest in Germany smartphone background
  • Message 3 – Road to Kostbar desktop wallpaper
  • Message 4 – Road to Kostbar smartphone background

Midnight Eclipse – Book 4 Freebies

  • Message 1 – The Claw flash fiction (short-short story)
  • Message 2 – “I Don't Want You to be Decent” desktop wallpaper
  • Message 3 – “I Don't Want You to be Decent” smartphone background
  • Message 4 – Shetland Sunset landscape desktop wallpaper

Midnight Savior – Book 5 Freebies

  • Message 1 – Victorian London desktop wallpaper & Shetland Sunset smartphone background
  • Message 2 – Victorian London smartphone background
  • Message 3 – Big Ben cityscape desktop wallpaper
  • Message 4 – Big Ben cityscape smartphone background