Midnight Redemption – Pirate Desktop Wallpaper


James and Cailin are back in Midnight Redemption – the 6th and final book of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles.

This freebie wallpaper shows a fabulous pirate ship at a port in Poland, but it reminded me so much of the opening winter scene I wrote for James and Cailin, I just had to share. See instructions below on how to download. Enjoy!

How to Download and Use Background:

  1. Right Mouse Click on the picture above of your choice and, from the context menu that appears, select “Open in New Tab“. A new tab/window should open so you don't lose your place here.
  2. Right Mouse Click on the image, and from the context menu that pops up, select “Save image as…” (or similar phrasing depending on your browser).
  3. Save File in a location where you can easily find it or wherever you normally store desktop background images (also depending on your browser, you may have to name the file something more recognizable than “download.jpg”).
  4. How to use your new wallpaper image varies depending on your operating system.