Frostbitten Hearts – A Bonded By Blood Novella

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This is a spin-off novella from my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, but it can be read as a stand alone and you do not have to read the series to fully understand the storyline. Here are links to the books in the main series: Midnight Conquest (Book 1)Midnight Captive (Book 2), Midnight Hunt (Book 3), Midnight Eclipse (Book 4), Midnight Savior (Book 5) & Midnight Deliverer (Book 6)

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NOW AVAILABLE! Frostbitten Hearts has just been released as a single title and has been EXTENDED by 3000 words. Sex scenes have been elaborated a little more and there is a new bonus scene with Hugh, the blond Elemental friend of Jack's. This Bonded By Blood novella debuted in the USAToday Bestselling holiday box set A Very Alpha Christmas, which contained over 25 HOT ALPHAS stories that warmed more than just your heart of thousands of readers! Click the buttons below to buy Frostbitten Hearts at your favorite online retailers!

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Blurb & Extras:

Her ability to wield fire didn’t give Aideen the power to make Jack stay… 

Jack was Aideen’s very breath. As a cusper Elemental, he was the air that fed her fire and the waters that cooled her soul. Born and bred in captivity by vampires for their magic, they sought shelter and love in each other’s arms. But when Jack’s family escapes the “nursery”, Aideen is ripped from her young lover’s arms. Her family refuses to risk the wrath of their captors, and she is forced to stay behind. Though Jack vows to return and free her, his promise is not easily kept. He and his grove liberate several nurseries in retaliation and, still, she cannot be found.

Ten years later, Aideen unexpectedly stumbles into the grove’s compound and back into Jack’s arms with news they have a child…and she is the bait for a trap. Time is of the essence. If they don’t return by sunset, their son will fall victim to the vampires.

Jack must return to the prison he risked his life to escape, but he will do anything to save his son and he is not about to lose the only woman who has possessed his soul and can melt his frozen heart.

Genre/Category: paranormal fiction, vampire romance, witches, werewolves
Status: eBook box set
Flame Rating: 3 flames (visit “Adult Fiction” page for flame ratings chart)

Read Chapter 1 excerpt here!

Author Notes


After I wrote Midnight Hunt and created my Elementals, my husband and I were playing with so many ideas of how we could keep featuring these magic users who wielded the powers of the elements. As I wrote Midnight Eclipse and created the world of Elementals bred in captivity, I specifically featured Baby Jack – an infant born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces – just so I could indulge in writing my own legend of Jack Frost. At that time, I had no idea what I was going to do. The only thing I had was the tagline: Only one woman could melt the heart of Jack Frost…but would she burn him in the process?

When I repeated the tagline to fellow authors and readers, “Ooooo!” was their immediate response. But I had no freakin' idea what his story was! For such a short story (20k words), I struggled for almost a year to come up with something. And when I finally did have a plot, I froze (pun intended) in the middle of the manuscript, as seems to be my M.O. over the last several novels. Deadline looming, I had to push through and finally finished the novella…thankfully, several months ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, due to word count restrictions for the box set for which it was written (A Very Alpha Christmas), I had to tone down the sex and exclude a few scenes I really hated cutting. I hope, however, when I re-release the novella in 2016, I'll be able to put some of those scenes back in, amp up the heat level and expand on the story a little more, giving it some real substance. But don't let the short word count fool you! As one of my favorite reviewers said, “Arial Burnz has shoveled a mound of story into just a few pages as magic takes on the dark immortals with attitude, snark and a flicker of the fingers!” Excerpt of 5-star review by Dii Bylo of Tome Tender Reviews. CLICK HERE to see the full, fabulous and funny review! And I'll be getting the amazing David Monteath to read the story, continuing with the same narrator I've been using for the Bonded By Blood series in audiobook. More updates later!