Coming Soon to Kindle Vella

Coming Soon to Kindle Vella

In my last article, I shared the news about Kinde Vella, the newest venture Amazon is tackling – serialized fiction. Not new, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, serialized fiction was around before the Victorian era. Charles Dickens just happened to make it popular in the late 1800s and Arthur Conan Doyle's serials of Sherlock Holmes were also quite popular.

And the digital format of serialized fiction isn't new, either. It's been hugely successful in the Asian markets. Amazon noticed the success of Wattpad and Radish, and is a big player in the western regions, so as an Amazon author, I'm definitely throwing my hat into the ring!

The Stone of Fate: Legends of Evanterra – Season 1

Last year, I made another attempt at the Ray Bradbury Challenge. I made it as far as 17 weeks, but I got caught up in a deadline with my co-writing partner, AJ Nuest, and I had to make our next release a priority. However, the weekly exercise inspired me to write a fantasy serial. Although you won't find The Stone of Fate here on my site anymore, it will soon be released on Kindle Vella under my new fantasy pen name – Piper Jordan.

The Kindle Vella serial has gone through a few edits and I've also changed the name of my main character from Cleris to Kenia. It will no longer be written in first person, but instead third person, alternating from the point of view of Kenia, a woman who tumbles through a mirror to discover a fantasy world, and the Faelar, an elf in a dwarven dungeon who teams up with a human mage named Mace.

The ONLY way you're going to get sneak peeks is to be on my mailing list. Amazon will not let me publish any snippets or parts of the serials on my website. I already got dinged for this and had to take everything down.

The Bailey House: Midlife Renovation – Season 1

Also coming to Kindle Vella will be a new Paranormal Women's Fiction serial – Midlife Renovation. This series was also inspired by the works I did during the Ray Bradbury Challenge (Week 2 & Week 5). The heroine's name was originally Karen, and I was going to call this the Haunted Fixer-Upper series, but it just fit too perfectly in the midlife crisis type of story that was so fitting for PWF. I'm enjoying writing the older heroine and it seems many of my readers are, too! Here's the blurb…

Nikki's a spirit medium! Who knew? Her mother, actually. But Nikki doesn't find out about her abilities until her dead grandmother pays her a visit from beyond the grave. Jumping in with both feet, Nikki buys a haunted house to flip for profit and, in the process, learn how to use her newfound gifts. By the way, cold spots are great for hot flashes! Too bad her pet project triggers her husband to file for divorce. She must now choose between discovering who she is or saving her marriage.

There will be some humor but also chills. You can't have a ghost story without a few goose pimples!! If you click the links above for Week 1 & 5, you'll see what I mean.

This serial was encouraged by some of my readers who sent me emails after reading those two flash fiction pieces, begging me to write these stories about Nikki solving the mysteries of why these ghosts are haunting the houses. I'm having a GREAT time writing these episodes!. They'll be published under my other pen name A.B. Wright.

Give Kindle Vella a Chance!!

In a recent newsletter, I asked my readers if they would be interested in serial fiction and I received quite a few replies that they absolutely did not like serial fiction. And yet the web serials I posted were very well received and readers wrote me, saying they couldn't wait for the next episode and were excited to see how the story progressed.

I really think if you guys give it a chance, you'll have a lot of fun. But maybe there's something I'm missing. What exactly do you not like about serialized fiction? If the stories are faithfully published weekly and you're enjoying the stories, is there something else that would prevent you from reading them? PLEASE share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Thank you! And that's my two pence…

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