Kindle Vella Serials – Coming Soon!

Kindle Vella Serials – Coming Soon!

Amazon is releasing a new story format called Kindle Vella. But what the heck is it?

CLICK HERE to get the deets on the reader experience in Kindle Vella.

Basically, Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon of serialized fiction, which has been HUGELY successful in the Asian markets and many companies in the Western world are snatching up opportunities to get in on the success. Amazon is no different.

Amazon is marketing the HECK out of Kindle Vella, and I want to be one of those authors who joins in on the fun. Although Vella won't be available to everyone at the start, don't let that discourage you. Like most programs Amazon has offered, it is being launched in the US first and then, most likely, will be opened up to other countries.

Kindle Vella – What We Authors Can and Cannot Publish

The content guidelines are a little fuzzy. According to Amazon's help document regarding Vella, we CANNOT…

“Break down your previously published book or long-form content into Episodes and republish in Kindle Vella, even if that book or long-form content is no longer available or is written in another language. If your Episode or Story is derived from another work you have authored (e.g., it continues the story from a book), you may include up to 5,000 words of content from the other work in the first Episode to bridge the story, provided you control the rights to do so.”

So this means my current novels will stay in eBook format. But it seems that I MIGHT be able to publish my new serials in Kindle Vella and then also publish them in the same format, but on a different platform…

“To provide the best experience for readers, Kindle Vella stories should be written specifically to be released in a serial format, one 600–5,000 word episode at a time. If you have a story in this format that is available elsewhere, you can also publish it with Kindle Vella. To ensure a good customer experience, Kindle Vella does not accept content that's freely available. Learn more about our content guidelines.”

This is the reason why I had to take those first few episodes of The Legends of Evanterra web serial down. Amazon refused to let me have the episodes freely available on my site. However, I'm not certain if this means I can only publish my new serials on platforms like Wattpad or Radish, or if I can also publish them on other self-publishing platforms in eBook format.

What I'm hoping to do is first publish on Kindle Vella and, once a season is complete, compile it (without making any changes) and re-release it as an eBook on the Nook and in the Apple Books stores. This will make my stories available to my readers who either don't like the serial format OR won't have Kindle Vella available to them in their country.

Keep in mind, serials are snippets of a story (600-5000 on Vella) with a story arc spanning the episode. Kinda like watching a TV show. There is an ongoing story arc throughout a season, but each episode has a beginning/middle/end arc. So that means each chapter in my new serial stories will end with a little bit of a cliffhanger. I DO plan on publishing these weekly, and several of the episodes will be available right away when Vella launches. They're waiting in the queue right now!

Not sure I've mastered the serial format, but I'm going to give it a go! I hope you'll join me!

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That's my two pence…

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