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Frostbitten Hearts - a paranormal romance

Frostbitten Hearts (paranormal romance)

She is the fire that warms my frozen heart
The vampires bred us in captivity for our magic
Forced us to mate with others
But she was my one true love
Though ripped from my arms ten years ago
I have found her once more
And we have a son
She must take me back to our captors
Or the vampires will kill him
I’ll go…but we do this on my terms
I will have my revenge at last
And take down anyone who gets in my way


Read the story of the real Jack Frost (Air & Water Mage) and his true love Aideen (Fire Witch), Elementals who wield the powers of the elements.

This stand-alone novella is a spin-off story from the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles and a great introduction into this world of vampires, shifters and Elementals.


Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles by Arial Burnz

Together Forever. Eternally Yours.
That is the pledge of our souls
I am bound to this woman
Drawn to her in each life she is incarnated
Only to lose her to time, to mortality
But I will not lose her again
Prophecy be damned, I am taking her away from her destiny
And I care not if every vampire’s soul is lost
For I will not rest until she is mine forever

MIDNIGHT CONQUEST – BOOK 1 (Scotland, 1513)
Broderick “Rick” MacDougal is enticed by the beautiful widow Davina, but is she is bait for a trap set by his old clan rival, Angus Campbell, or is she his accomplice? Davina is drawn to Broderick, but she has a toddler daughter to protect and there are dark forces surrounding this Gypsy rogue.

MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE – BOOK 2 (Scotland, 1531)
Little Cailin is all grown up and the step-daughter to vampire Broderick MacDougal. When her betrothed returns home from fencing school, she tries to hide her daggers, afraid he won’t appreciate her knife-fighting skills as his wife. But James Knightly has bigger things to worry about. While Broderick is away learning of a prophecy and how to protect his wife and daughter, Angus Campbell captures Cailin and James must rescue his bride to be without Rick’s help!

MIDNIGHT HUNT – BOOK 3 (Germany, 1636)
Broderick is drawn to the enchanting Monika Konrads, who is surrounded by a werewolf curse. Can she be his late wife reincarnated, or will he betray the memory of his soul mate? Monika is more tempting than he can resist. Angus returns to claim his revenge, and Rick and Monika are sentenced to burn as heretics!


Dark Warrior Alliance by Brenda Trim

Zander Tarakesh has been vampire king for over seven centuries and has finally found what he has been denied his long life, his Fated Mate, but can he overcome the most powerful archdemon set against him yet, to save her life?

Jace Miakoda is a sorcerer who has been dumped on by fate one too many times. Suffering a century of torture closed his heart to love and acceptance. He escapes the prison walls, only to realize he’s mystically bound to his tormentor. When he finds his Fated Mate, he discovers her soul is in mortal danger and he must find a way to save them both in the process.

Pema is one of the prophesied triplets born on a rare Blue Moon. As such they are the most powerful witches in the Tehrex Realm. Too bad all she wants to do is party and have fun. Will finding her Fated Mate change that?

Isis is one of the prophesied triplets born on a rare Blue Moon. Treachery, intrigue and unlikely alliances…Isis is tested to the limit with her ability to keep her temper under check.

Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-3) Boxed Set


One (1) eBook copy of Books 1-3 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles by USA Today Bestselling Author Arial Burnz

Dark Warrior Alliance (Books 1-4) Boxed Set


One (1) eBook copy of Books 1-4 of the Dark Warrior Alliance series by Brenda Trim



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